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  1. Greetings, Whilst away on work in an area where I did not have access to internet or phone coverage, I had an issue with my laptop which forced me to have to reinstall windows. Given the duration I was away, windows activation became an issue and I was left with little option but to get a tech savy co-worker to "Activate" my windows for me without the need for phones/internet. it worked fine and life went on. I have returned from my travels but I notice the activation has stripped my windows of many of the personalization options among other things. I have my peoduct key, I have the internet. Is there anyway I can De-activate my install of windows and activate again properly to solve these issues. Obviously a clean install would fix the issue but I am hoping to avoid that course of action. Thanks Hexalude.
  2. Yeah, mine sounded like an F-111 taking off and it still ran hot, hence me fitted an after maket 3 x large dia fan cooler which made all the difference in the world on both fronts. I decided to go with GIGABYTE GV-N660OC-2GD GeForce GTX 660 2GB that I picked up for $19 more. I'll use it to replace the 260.
  3. Yeah, aside from the fact the 480 is VERY power hungry they are pretty simular. My wife has an old GTX 260 in her PC. I am sure the 650Ti Boost OC would be an excellent replacment for that.
  4. I currently use an MSI N480GTX-M2D15 overclocked with an after market cooler and it has served me well for several years now. I have been considering upgrading of late and the Asus GTX650TIB-DC2OC-2GD5 2GB GTX 650TI BOOST EDITION cuaght my eye, as it is within my price range as I have found one on salefor $195 (I only ever buy NVIDIA). Links: GTX 650Ti OC http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/GTX650TIBDC2OC2GD5/#overview GTX 480 http://www.msi.com/product/vga/N480GTX-M2D15.html I have looked over the specs of both cards and I have had a hard time interperating how much better the 650TI is over my current card. Especially when view at sites such as http://www.hwcompare.com/ Can anyone provide advice on whether this is a worthwhile and cost effective upgrade? Thanks
  5. I downloaded the software and got it working. Thanks for that. I have an issue with it however, for some reason only one person can be connected to the trumb drive at a time. Which seems a little counter productive for a shared network drive. Any one know how to have mutlible users accessing the device simulaniously?
  6. Quick question. How do I use the USB port on my DGL-4500. I had a modem previous where I used a thumb drive to share files over a network and I am having difficulties making it work on the DGL-4500. I have set the config on the USB to SharePoint, but I still cant see the drive as a network device. Any ideas? Thanks Hexalude
  7. DMZ is out of the question. I have mananged to get myself a DLINK 4500 off of EBAY for $42, so I pretty sure that should resolve my issues.
  8. Basically modern warfare 3s NAT won't change for anything than strict so I can't host or join co-op spec ops. I can't see servers to join for counter strike or killing floor. I can still play eve and join MC servers fine though. I haven't had this issue with previous routers. I have read that a lot of people have resorted to DMZ to resolve their issues, but I am really not comfortable with that. Can anyone recommend a good gaming router? I was after a DLink DGL-4500, but stupid amazon insists it can't ship any of the 20 it has to Australia becuase they are a bunch of lazy [email protected] that don't like writing big addresses on their packages
  9. Like the name of the thread suggestions I am looking for a decent router that does not require port forwarding to play certain games. The one I have now (Technicolor TG587n v3) is a complete heap and has given me nothing but trouble playing certain games on PC. None of the guides, video tutorials or port forwarding programs I have tried(and there have been A LOT) have helped even in the slightest. I have poured over a week into trying to fix this issue and I am now convinced it is my POS router which I luckily got for free. So, my questions is. Are there any routers out there designed specifically around gaming and ADSL that DON'T need the time wasting and resource burning port forwarding? Thanks Hexalude
  10. No. I am going to do THIS!! Super Sim
  11. Flight sim joystick for PC as seen below: Desk is too high to comfortably use.
  12. Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows of any available kits that may be used to mount joysticks/throttles at a comfortable height from from either the floor or chair. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know of a good program or macro for basic keyboard remaps. This is for gaming obviously. Thanks
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