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  1. the good news is that I've been running them for 2 weeks at 1.63v on a 201 mhz bus (work at 1.6v as well) somehow anything past 4039 mhz with my cpu makes the IMC voltage shoot way high (currently 1.37v,left at auto in bios)
  2. I have the same kit with my LGA 1156 platform,and it kicks butt !! here's my specs i7 [email protected] mhz @ 1.28volts (19 x 210.7) asus p7p55d evo Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3K2/[email protected],nb 3792mhz, 2:10,9-9-9-24-116-1t @ 1.685volts everest mem bench read ______20490 write______16553 latency____36.0 ns