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  1. next will be add the hardware and some airbrush effects and we will rock
  2. back after 20 days i know long time here some update all together
  3. huge thanks to our new sponsor seasonic with 750w powersupply
  4. here i am back i just got the motherboard thanks to biostar and gerry i almost done a after that i will cut the acrylic
  5. thanks i will do my best but it hard to make it move with remote controlle
  6. hello everyone here is my 17th case mod whooo yes never stop mod idea from the internet a robot head Huge Thanks to our sponsor Biostar with mini itx Motherboard thanks to thermaltake for sponsor this project with 3.0 performer cpu cooler big thanks to seasoinc to sponsor 760w platinum PSU i will make it with acrylic but first make it with cardboard and then cut out on acrylic
  7. hello we need to give a huge tanks for our new sponsor from swiftech with Apogee XL CPU Water blocks[/size] [/size] more soon with modding the cpu block light
  8. almost done waiting for my new sponsor cpu block and we ready to gooooo
  9. i used a foam sheet i may change it with light plastic sheet thanks man thank you sir
  10. cove the motherboard it was my first idea even before asus i submit my idea at NVIDIA ION Modding Competition on 2009 i don't know where my post gone but any way nothing can happen now here iam doing my first idea paint the case and add the sides
  11. will use hard tube for water cooler and use my old big water 750 but i will change the fitting to fit the hard tube and i will use uv orange
  12. hello now we do the unboxing a power supply 850w and urban T81
  13. Hello every one i know long time away from the forum but i am back today is my 16th mod it's the Titanfall mod wish you like it and it's sponsored from Thermaltake design Thanks for the sponsor sponsor from swiftech with Apogee XL CPU Water blocks * some change on our site tell us if you like it http://www.modscases.com more soon
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