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  1. next will be add the hardware and some airbrush effects and we will rock
  2. back after 20 days i know long time here some update all together
  3. huge thanks to our new sponsor seasonic with 750w powersupply
  4. here i am back i just got the motherboard thanks to biostar and gerry i almost done a after that i will cut the acrylic
  5. thanks i will do my best but it hard to make it move with remote controlle
  6. hello everyone here is my 17th case mod whooo yes never stop mod idea from the internet a robot head Huge Thanks to our sponsor Biostar with mini itx Motherboard thanks to thermaltake for sponsor this project with 3.0 performer cpu cooler big thanks to seasoinc to sponsor 760w platinum PSU i will make it with acrylic but first make it with cardboard and then cut out on acrylic
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