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  1. Intel 3570k stock ASrock Z77 Extreme 4 8GB Patriot Intel Extreme Master Limited Edition DDR3 1600 Radeon 4850 (in all honesty, this will be replaced by either an AMD 7950, or Nvidia 660ti soon.) Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD Western Digital WD6400AAKS 640GB sata HDD Corsair H60 cooling PC Power and Cooling S75CS Silencer 750w PS. Plextor PX-850SA Super multi drive. Antec Nine Hundred ATX North America Kinda funny that I'm building an ivy bridge setup with some of my old C2D setup, and this contest comes along =)
  2. you know, the only reason why I haven't jumped on that, is because I've already invested in the Kingston hyper x 120gb for $90. I figured I'd wait and see if they go down in price again, and just RAID a pair of the Kingston. Here's a question. Does the RAID 0 concern of losing data apply to ssd's? Is it still not recommended to mix/match ssd sizes, or even manufacturers for an ssd RAID? Since ssd's are already fast...does it show any real world performance for a RAID 0 setup? Thanks for the input so far guys. Last but not least...7950 vs. 660ti....Hmmm., that free copy of Borderlands 2 is very tempting...and if the 7950 falls to ~$300...then maybe =D
  3. Hey I'm not home yet, but I do appreciate the recognition of the ducks we go through...hell paying $95/m for 50KB/sec download service is just the tip of the ice berg....never mind upload speeds.
  4. Kinda funny as you mention all this...but I've been watching prices on the various parts from Amazon, and have seen no movement in price for the last 2 months. Amazon also charges sales tax per TX =/. Just last night, after much research, I ended up buying these from newegg due to free shipping, and no sales tax. ASrock Z77 Extreme 4 Core i5 3570k Patriot Intel extreme master limited edition 8gb, DDR3 1600,12800 ram. Was looking to pick up the Asus 660ti, but they don't have them in stock at newegg atm...was VERY tempted to buy the msi version. As you can see,I decided ti listen, and go with the ATX board. My budget is $1000 atm...but keep in mind, I already have an Antec case, corsair H60 water cooler, a Dell 23" monitor,700w PS, DVD drive, a 120GB SSD, and a HDD( but it runs at 5400rpms..I can't have that lol). With the current items bought, that brings me to around $400, $300+ for the 660ti, = $700...$300 more to spend, and I'm thinking mechanical keyboard, faster mechanical drive (or SSDs)...anyone know of a reputable wireless mouse/keyboard that CAN be wired? I appreciate wired reliability for gaming...GF hates clutter...
  5. Awesome! I'm still in country...so I'm trying to do all the research I can and get to it when I get home.
  6. Hey by any chance, if you do upgrade your proc/MB, let me know. Id be interested in taking the processor/MB off your hands . The girl friend needs her own build.
  7. Ok, i decided to look into that asus maximus v gene board due to the favorable reviews here. Then seeing the coolermastercase kinda really got me intersted in pairing the 2 due to a smaller footprint in the house. Now i CAN forgo the coolermaster case snd save me $50+...gotta look into an atx z77 board then. Any current boards for best bang for the buck atm? Oh, and how would the Seagate Momentus XT 750GB hybrids perform in raid? Is it any faster than putting 2 regular 7200rpm HD in raid? Would it complicate anything with the OS SSD? Why is the sky blue?...err nvm. Last...my C2D build at home apparently died during my deloyment (another reason for the build). Prior to dying, I freshly installed the 64 bit windows7 premium. Any way i can salvage that OS for my new build? Id hate to waste another $100 .
  8. Hey guys. I've been a member for a long time, but have just never posted. I've successfully built and OC an older P45,C2D system back in 2010, and now I'm wanting to reward my return from Afghanistan (alive) with an ivy bridge build. Here are my list of parts, with the explanation after. Coolermaster Elite 120 case? Asus Maximus V Gene Z77 mATX MB Core i5 3570k EVGA 660 ti Seagate Momentus XT 500GB Kingston HyperX 3K 120gb 8gbp ddr3 ram ( whoever has the best deal) *Parts scavenged from C2D build* PC power and cooling S75CF 750w quad PS ANTEC 900 steel ATX case PLEXTOR PX-850SA supermulti drive Corsair Hydro series H60 Ok, my goal is to game on a 23" to 27" single monitor on 1680x1050, or 1920x1080 res. I dont plan to heavily oc either cpu, or gpu. I plan to play Skyrim, GuildWars2, FF14, and whatever WH40k game that comes out . I do plan on ripping and encoding movies also. My main question is the Asus MB combo with my two cases in mind. I have my original Antec 900 case thats still good. Its kinda big/bulky. I liked the idea of the Coolermaster Elite 120 mini iTX case, but i cant seem to find any reviews on it. Also, i dont quite understand the difference between mATX and mini ITX. Are they compatible? Should i just stick with the older Antec tried/true case? Will i have any problems with the Antec 900 and Asus Maximus V gene board? Btw, i still have my old radeon 4850...what to do with that? If i get the coolermaster case,i might get froggy, and just rebuild my C2D rig for my GF. Do they even sell 775 Crossfire boards still? (My original msi p45 platinum board is suspected to be bad btw). Lots of questions, and horribly typed on a samsung tablet with afghanistan internet speeds. Im hoping for some solid input. Thank you much in advance.
  9. would ya part with super mario DS separately for $15?
  10. Interested, how much shipping to 78631 TX, and what is paypal email to send payment? =)
  11. Just out of curiosity, what was the problem? How was it solved? Just in case of I have a similar issue in the future you know =).
  12. Hmm, kinda having some small issues. First, I can't seem to lower my multiplier! Intel EIST, C state techh, DOT Control, and Spread Spectrum are disabled. The 9.5X is highlighted, but wont change, bahhh. Am I missing something else to disable? -also, I can't seem to find a place to increase voltage if needed in the future. The only setting I see is ClockGen Tuner = CPU amplitude Control, PCI Express Amplitude Control, CPU CLK Skew, MCH CLK skew. They further break down to: auto,700mv, 800mv, 900mv, 1000mv. -finally, theirs a setting that I've googled and can't find info on. NB Config = config1, config2, 3, 4, or disabled. Help item just mentions that it helps with memory OC etc, but don't know what the configs do. So far it's stable at 3.8ghz, but I knew it shouldn't have a problem with that since I've had it running that clock for about a year. Testing the 9.5 x 420mhz now. Thanks for the help again guys, sorry for the questions/bugging, but I assure you that I've googled/searched for the answers before I've asked =).
  13. Sounds good, for some reason I didn't think of lowering the multiplier. Oh btw, I see your E8400 clocked over 4.1ghz, that's basically what I'm looking into =). Thanks for the info guys, I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  14. Ok, from what I've gathered so far, I CAN OC the memory, just gotta watch temps/stability of course. What I 'm NOT sure about is loosening the timing. I didn't know that you could loosen the timing to OC it. -By what increments would you loosen the timing? -shall I use speedfan or similar programs to monitor ram temps? -I've already got really decent cooling going on with the Kingwin aircooler, similar design to this http://www.thermalright.com/new_a_page/pro...6_rt/ravc-1.jpg -should I consider a ram cooler if I'm OC the 800mhz ram? Sounds like I should just drop money on some 1033's, or 1066's. Hell will THOSE need a ram cooler? Not looking to go crazy like 4.5ghz or something ya know, just at least 4.0, and any change leftover ya know what I mean =).
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