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  1. Here's a Kingston HyperX 240GB for $160 Still not worth it to me, only way I'd get one is through a trade. I'd rather buy a 1tb SSHD. Stay where you are, the only thing that happens when you go SSD.....you can't go back
  2. When it comes to unlocking AMD cpu's that have had cores disabled, it is really just pot luck! Some unlock and are stable, some do not. If I was in your situation, I would probably just go ahead and buy an AMD X4 955, you can pick one up used for under $80, which isn't much more than a x2 555 would prob go for. That way you have a guaranteed 4 cores, plus much more OC potential...if you are into OCing that is!
  3. This entire listing is a LMFAO party! I was checking his feedback and although he hasn't sold a custom PC since 09, look at the prices he was getting people to pay then! I have to admit, I am slightly jealous...what was I thinking selling custom PC's on eBay for reasonable prices, where I made a little money and the buyer got a good deal at the same time...
  4. On the AMD AM3 platform, I went: x2 7750 x4 925 x4 955 x4 965 Going from the 955 to the 965 was completely pointless, but I was trying to squeak some extra OC headroom out of the 965 and got a great deal on it, and sold the 955 for more than I paid for the 965! I also agree with Capi on the 1st gen i7 and 2nd gen i7 being a sidegrade. I went from an OCing beast i7 930 that would hit 4.6GHz to a OCing beast 2600K that has hit 5.5GHz. But, even at stock, IMO I can feel a difference between the 2 chips!
  5. The OP disappears and Speedway reappears to add his 2 cents. I guess my 2 cents are 2 late lol
  6. I have been gone for a little while, haven't seen the posts about the pic being messed up...sorry. I looked for the original pic I made for this guide, but I can't seem to find it. In the next week I will recheck to see if this guide still works for unlocking Afterburner, then make a new, clear diagram showing the steps needed to be done to unlock Afterburner. But, like Savan said...If you have a question about something other than unlocking MSI Afterburner, either search or start a new thread!
  7. CPU: [email protected] 5+GHz Motherboard: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme RAM: 16GB Muskin Redline 2133MHz GPU: ASUS GTX 680 2GB Boot: 2 x 128GB Corsair Force GT RAID 0 Storage: 2 x 750GB WD Black RAID 0 Chassis: Mountain Mods U2-UF0 Cooling: Custom WCing CPU and GPU PSU: Tagan BZ Series 900W Display: 27" HP 2709 Audio: Logitech 5.1 Keyboard: Logitech G15 Mouse: Logitech MX518 Country: USA
  8. No doubt that card requires a horizontal mobo
  9. Wow, all I can say is hilarious!
  10. I am using the latest 2.2.1 without any issues, following the guide I wrote, using NVIDIA. Not sure about AMD
  11. Although I don't disagree with anything here CE....but if you buy the 7850 don't you have to use AMD drivers
  12. THIS! When I first saw the price tag, my jaw dropped Great review though Panda!
  13. Added the latest 2.2.1 Link - Tested working on NVIDIA GTX 680 - AMD users any word?
  14. RivaTuner is just such a great program, why not start from like you sd, Freeware But, RivaTuner is not for most users as it is quite robust and complicated! EVGA and MSi just made a very simplified version that the average user can easily manage OP - Did you use the MSi Guide I wrote? I haven't had any issues with Afterburner with any of the cards I have used my guide to overclock. But, I also haven't used CCC to OC in a very long time, so not sure if there is some conflict between the 2 programs.
  15. After voting a couple of days ago, I didn't keep up with this thread after, until today when I went back and read all 13 pages. I must say that I am amazed that the discussion stayed civil I like to wager and 2 days ago, I wouldn't have bet a dollar that this would have been the case. I just really wanted to say how impressed with the OCC community this thread has made me Not going to remember every post exactly but I did want to make some comments: I was raised Lutheran my entire life. I made the choice to become Agnostic later in high school based on what I believe. But, whether you are Catholic, Christian (which ever denomination), or some other religion, practicing or not, the main thing I believe is that the bricks and mortar that it took to build the church you may or may not belong to, do not matter. But, rather the feeling and beliefs you have established in your heart are what truly matters. Whether those beliefs include a higher power or not, is less important than the fact that they are yours! I hope that everyone can find happiness or purpose with their lives, without the need of a higher power. Someone said we are the higher power, I like that! Be happy or find a great purpose because you want to, not because you think God wants you to! Many have asked "why are we here?" I think this question may be the easiest to answer and although the answer may sound completely scientific and utterly hilarious, here it is...Our parents had sex, a sperm inseminated an egg and formed an embryo...bam we are here Joking aside, this question may actually be asking "what is our purpose here?" I think it is up to each individual to answer that for themselves. Even if you are religious, God gave free will for you to answer this question on your own. Which also touches on the comment made that God helped man make these great inventions and improve technology the way we have. I completely disagree with that opinion, but I'm not trying to offend anyone. I just think that even a truly religious person understands that with free will, God gave them the power to make their own way in life, not direct it @ Wevs - You were talking about addiction, stating that you have known people who only got clean "by accepting that there is a higher authority in their lives," because all else failed. Although I think it is great to get clean in any way possible, if an addict doesn't get clean because of themselves and wanting a better life for themselves, without the need of a "higher authority" in their lives, then in my opinion, the chance of a relapse is probably greater. Addiction is a tricky thing, and one of the few times where selfishness is actually an ally. You have to get clean for you and you alone IMHO
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