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  1. That's what makes me think that I'm different than most people. I have everything in my head like clear sky. It's not like just some vague ideas, I see the whole picture. Nothing like trying to do something I suppose.
  2. Okay guys, here is the deal: I have LOTS of imagination and sometimes my head is a tornado of ideas of how to make stuff, from music pieces, movie scenes and even books but everything with lots of detail and perfectionism. For example I think if I was able to absolute command the making of a movie from a story created by myself it would be incredibly remarkable. I especially have avant-garde ideas for the topics I mentioned above. Should I, for example, try to write something to see how it works or is this just a feeling that everybody has and/or simply common ideas?
  3. Great topic for those who said that an HD4850 wasn't good enough to play Crysis @ 1280x1024 smoothly. Thanks a lot for the video.
  4. Jdownloader is the answer. just google it.
  5. Exactly. I can play 024x768 @ gamer with my system. The FPS aren't exactly high but it isn't choppy or anything.
  6. Did you understood the statement? I am not denying that demanding DX11 games will appear. Read it carefully. And If I saw with my eyes a E6600 plus an XFX 8800GT XXX running Crysis smoothly at that resolution why wouldn't the HD4850 be capable to do so? Off course if you are the type that cares about numbers those cards aren't good enough but in actual gameplay I saw no hiccups or slowdowns.
  7. 00stevo I sincerely think DX11 is not going to be a "fail" like DX10 was. DX11 is going to bring major improvements and features that will improve both performance and quality and it's not me who's saying it, it's developers. However no one is denying that DX11 will not have any "root" games any time soon and no demanding DX11 games will appear.
  8. Not to mention that DX11 games are going to run faster if played in DX11 cards, something that 4870 will not be able to do. Also the drivers are still immature and you will get bug corrections and a decent performance boost as time passes. If you are planning to stick at 1280x1024 for some time the 5770 is going to handle about everything you throw at it.
  9. The 5770 is just a bit lower than the HD 4870, it's almost toe to toe, however the 5770 consumes less energy, is cooler, has new features, has newer technology and supports DX11.
  10. 1280x1024 is a low resolution. The HD4850 is enough for playing even Crysis @ highest settings at that resolution. However I'd go for a 5770 and overclock the CPU. With that done you will be able to play everything smoothly.
  11. Assuming that the game is original and in good condition I would try: Re-install and apply patches. Did that precise copy of the game worked in other Windows versions?
  12. Because being a dual gpu card, at first it had some compatibility issues, bugs and micro stuttering. If those problems are gone I think that for the price putting both in quad sli 9800GX2 would be a good choice.
  13. I have a question regarding the 9800GX2. With the drivers coming from a long way since it's release, does the GX2 still has some issues?
  14. I couldn't say it better. However if you are focusing in gaming and not benchmarking I don't think 4Ghz worth it.
  15. There is already memory very similar to that of G.Skill mentioned in the article. There is 2200MHz CL8 @ 1.65v for some time now. You won't notice almost any difference from this CL7 modules from G.Skill. But hey, the choice is yours.
  16. Take a look at this thread. Lots of info and points of view by various users. As far from what overclockers post, they use CPU-z info. Not only because it's the CPU-z info that counts when they validate but also it is more accurate. And yes, by adding an audio card you will release the workload from the CPU, so less CPU work = less temps and you may even gain some performance but don't expect big differences.
  17. That motherboard looks so tempting...Maybe you will get some news from me soon.
  18. How dare you ignore the rules that made the universe what it is today. Be prepared to face the final boss of the interwebz! *8-bit boss music starts*
  19. An example: I have a calendar that ends in 2050. If everyone was dead by 2020 and some alien race came and saw my calendar they would also say the world will end in 2050? At least that was what we did. The world is going to end with an epic zombie apocalypse. At least I hope so!
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