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  1. They are catching sharks, not pedos
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I'll resend the e-mail now with the phone number.
  3. I'm astonished by the HUGE amount of prizes! Best luck to everyone. Just one thing, I thought the "609-894-8789" was some type of postal code so I haven't added my number. Shall I resend the e-mail with the phone number?
  4. In case you guys don't know, that's just a rebrand.
  5. Who has L4D2 and wants to form a party? Leave your steam id Mine: _ScapeGoat
  6. It simply doesn't. Maybe it was only implemented in some countries.
  7. My country doesn't celebrate it but happy tg to those who do!
  8. Wise words my friend Thanks for your comment.
  9. 1-Send me the money/hardware 2-Wait for my response 3-??????? 4-PROFIT
  10. Greetings, I was surfing the forum while suddenly the way I see forum topics changed. Instead of all the posts appearing in the page I only see the original post and something like this in the bottom: - XxHellxRaizerxX USB Drive Issue Today, 01:37 AM - - Timmy94 Did you try a reformat of it in another computer t... Today, 12:06 PM - - XxHellxRaizerxX Ya tried on an XP as well as this Win7 Today, 04:30 PM I need to click in each one individually to see the post. It's really annoying, how do I revert this situation?
  11. I would make s.e.x with a horse while dressed as a megazord in the top of a moving toyota to win a system like that.
  12. This guy won 2 internetz:
  13. I just hope you guys like apocalyptic fantasy in a 21st century scenario
  14. I wasn't talking about you specifically, I was generalizing. Yes the engine in Warhead is optimized but it's not like he's gaining 20 fps. AA is very demanding, especially in Crysis with all the amount of polygons and edges.
  15. Unless you are the type that plays with FRAPS just to see 100fps+ on the counter, the 5770 is perfectly fine
  16. Guess I'll have to make readers addicted or something. What's ironic is that I don't really like to read but I love to write. I'll post something here when a chapter is done or something.
  17. Also have in mind what resolutions do you play. However, by picking either the 5770 or the 4890 you will get a big performance boost from your 3870.
  18. Try your graphics card in another computer or another graphics ard in your computer because the problem is almost surely coming from one of the two. It doesn't seems a PSU problem and I'm almost sure it really is the motherboard causing the problem. It's somewhat normal new part being defective so just send it to RMA if you can't solve the problem by conventional means.
  19. Thank you all for your replies! I'll definitely try to write something.
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