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  1. I'm asking to add another smilie not to replace the actual one. is useful.
  2. America = Guns. That was the point
  3. Why did you RMA'ed? That one had racing stripes!
  4. What's sad is that it is almost as real as the actual commercials of that type of products.
  5. It's about time! *grabs BB gun* ... I need to go to America
  6. You need something bigger or else that card may get lazy if you know what I mean
  7. I like how the message is passed but it's still subtle at the same time. Great job Bosco they look great!
  8. With the 5750 you are going to be able to play almost all current games at decent FPS and quality at that resolution. However do not expect to max everything including AA in all games. What's the rest of your system by the way?
  9. I didn't read the whole thread so I'll just hope there aren't racist or nazi related jokes here since my grand grandfather died in Auschwitz... ...he fell from a watch tower.
  10. To flash/reset the BIOS check your motherboard manual. It's usually done by changing a jumper from one place to another for sometime or also by removing the BIOS battery. Have you tried different SATA ports for both dvd/cd reader and the HDD? If not, try it.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I would like to hear what other users have to say. Regards
  12. Did the SWAT members play MW2? That would be awesome.
  13. 17" Philips CRT monitor. I love it since I can play @ 1024x768 without a huge quality loss.
  14. I would like to give two suggestions that were implemented in a forum (not by me, all credits go to who has done it) that I'm registered and that I think it would improve the community, even by only just a little. First I'll start saying that a new smilie shall be added. I've seen some people using this smilie ( ) to refer or agree with the above post, however not only it can be misleading it isn't also very..."professional"? I recommend using another smiley with an "x2", "+1" or "What he said". The second suggestion is regarding the Market Place and Users feedback. How about creating a zone where each user (that wants to buy or sell an item) has to create a topic with his nickname and after a successful (or unsuccessful) trade the user that bought/sold the item goes to that same topic leaving positive or negative feedback. The users can eventually link their feedback topic in their signature. I think it's a more effective way from someone to review the user in question. Regards
  15. You will see that overclocking a GFX is a lot more easier. You just need some software (ATI Tool for example) and simply adjust the frequencies (clock, shader and memory). The easiest way is to search the web for overclock examples in the 4670 and try a similar value yourself. Finally just test the stability and temps playing and/or using benchmarks. You can further overclock by raising voltages on the card, however I can't really help you there. About the crossfire question, I don't think it's worth it. I'd buy a new gen card from ATI.
  16. No one is going to answer until you remove that avatar.
  17. It looks like the newsletter problem has been fixed. Good Work Nerm.
  18. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to talk with him. This is incredibly sad, not only he died young but also with a devilish disease. My condolences to the family and friends.
  19. LMAO @ Chuck Norris I bet they will start to launch Chuck Norris products like they did with Fatal1ty ones.
  20. GeForce4 MX 4000 Zotac 8400GS 256MB DDR2 XFX 9500GT 512MB GDDR2
  21. True and if the addresses are all from the same place i get's suspicious, but you can say it's your friend that is participating and/or give addresses from people you know that live somewhat far. It's tricky but possible
  22. However, it is still possible. You should have included a post limit or something.
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