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  1. Thanks a lot for you answer. I'll probably give it a try since at least it looks more tactical and less paced than most FPS. I really don't like "jumping, jumping, jumping, shooting, headshot, frag to the door on the right, sprint, stab dude that appear in front of you, kill 2 dudes immediately after stabing the other one, another frag over that wall..." type of game.
  2. 1- That problem seems to be frequent in Gigabyte motherboards. I simply googled your problem and found this 2 threads with various fixes and causes for the problem. Some fixes work for some people while other don't. Give it a try. http://forums.techarena.in/overclocking-co...ion/1185729.htm http://www.hardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1267256 2- What is your multiplier value when that happens?
  3. My lovely Prime-Minister:
  4. Guys don't think about it, seriously! We have quantum mechanics and general relativity headbutting each other so let's start with the simple things and not rush into questions that made people insane.
  5. Can I expect a mil slim or just a FPS with guns like CoD?
  6. Great! Please test it on a 5770 and overclock the hell out of it!
  7. Not my problem Maybe they will launch dual-gpu coolers...
  8. This scene from troll 2: It's easy to do and you guys have a bunch of possibilities to adapt it. And oh, that was a painful death redtigerdragon.
  9. Why don't you try ARMA 2? Is a military simulator and you can create your own missions. You have a huge map, I mean REALLY HUGE map with forests, lots of vegetation, mountains, small villages, etc. Watch some video of it on youtube. About Stealth, no there wasn't any game related to the movie.
  10. If you can get a 4870x2 at a good price and you have a PSU that can handle it what's the problem in solving the puzzle?
  11. I so want to buy that to place it on my 9500GT and OC the hell out of it.
  12. Yes, it's true, Prolimatech has just reached the VGA cooling and what to expect from them other than a beast of a cooler. Ladies and gentlemen here it is the MK-13. It weights 555g and it's a fairly big cooler (205x43x99.87) and features 6 heatpipes. It can also be attached with two 120mm fans for maximum cooling making this a colossus in the VGA cooling market. The package, apart from the cooler itself and mounts, also includes ramskins which is great making this a product that can be used immediately without any type of concerns.. For those of you who want to add fans you'll have to buy them separately. In my opinion a great choice for those who have higher end cards that are looking for silence or overclocking however a great feature of this card is that it it compatible with almost all cards you can think of from a 7300 to a 5870. The price in Europe rounds the 50 Euro mark, about 73 USD.
  13. WHAT THE F---? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME! PS: With that move at 1:50 you became a legend and officially my hero.
  14. Now I know what I want for Xmas!
  15. Dude they have the answer to life, universe and everything else! I guess they deserve some beer don't you think?
  16. If you are not planning to change CPU anytime soon go for the Q9400. If you are planning to change CPU in a year or so and are just aiming for best peformance in actual games go for the E8400.
  17. Oh come on, nukes are awesome and the solution for every problem, you have to admit it!
  18. The "fluteboxing" is awesome and innovative and that dude Beardyman is the whole party himself but when both joined...I...I sincerely don't know how to express how great that was.
  19. I bet that's why Americans defeated them in WW2.
  20. I'd personally would go for the 5750 even if the 4870 has the performance advantage. Either way you are going to have a HUGE boost compared to your actual graphics card.
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