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  1. I got this problem several months ago and since I couldn't fix it I let it pass but now I would really like to know what the hell is causing it.


    So here is the deal, I went to a friends house (like I did several times before) and brought the computer with me for some LAN fun. A couple of hours of gaming and no problems whatsoever. Everything fine till now, however, when I took the computer and brought it back home guess what? It didn't post! Everything turned on including fans at full speed but nothing more. No beeps, no anything.


    Tested unplugging and plugging everything again but the problem remained. Time to check the hardware. I simply unplugged one of the memory sticks (I have 2x1gb) and everything worked. Maybe this one is faulty I taught so I swapped them but it booted again, however when I tried both dual channel configurations (1-3 and 2-4) it didn't post! Finally I tried the single-channel configurations (1-2 and 3-4) and the computer ran without any problems.


    I've been using single-channel for a few months now w/o problems but even if I now try dual-channel it won't post. This is incredibly weird since all the slots and memory sticks seem to work.


    Any type of help would be appreciated.


    You can see my system specs on the signature.

  2. He is GPU bound in those games not CPU bound. I could put in a GTS 250 to prove that point with a 4.2Ghz 920 but not really worth the effort.


    At those resolutions I don't really think so. He may not be able to max everything out but even at high settings the GTS250 can handle itself. The problems he is experiencing in my opinion come from the CPU, especially on Bad Company 2 and Metro 2033 which bot rely a lot on the CPU.

  3. Thanks for the quick replies, guys. Although I agree that my rig is a bit underpowered, it expected at least 30-40 fps with the games on a 1072x768 or 1280x1024 resolution. Guess I'll have to settle for 30 average fps on JC2 and Crysis. :)


    Your graphics card is able to handle those games at that resolution even at high settings but like I said before your CPU isn't very good for gaming specially at those clocks.


    BTW, what's your PSU brand?

  4. I don't think there isn't really anything wrong with your system and it has nothing to do with the Nvidia GPU on an AMD chipset.


    The games you mentioned demand a lot and I think the frame rates are normal for your system.


    My opinion? The CPU. All the games you mentioned rely heavily on the CPU and yours isn't really that good. Overclock it and you shall see a noticeable improvement but don't expect miracles.

  5. I really like how people that don't know anything about war go sit on their comfortable chairs in front of their computers calling those Apache crew members murders and psychos...


    First of all even if there wasn't any weapons, which is not true, the gunners reacted like there were guns present and that's what matters to me. They did the right thing! Maybe they did mistaken some cameras for guns but hey, they were on an Apache on Iraq in 2007, not watching a youtube video rewinding and checking if it was really guns or cameras.


    Secondly they didn't starting shooting randomly shouting "get some!", they reported what they were seeing and asked permission to fire which was conceded. Yes, they were pumped but to kill the enemies of your country (America) and that's why you sent them there in the first place!


    Just to end my post I would just like to add:


    Were the Americans on the WTC mistaken by soldiers on a military watch tower in the middle of New York? I don't think so...

  6. Voices are subconsciously underrated but when you think about it without everything wouldn't be the same. Heck, some voices marked my childhood!


    What a harsh death. He fell while in his home.


    RIP Robert.

  7. Ok, I found this "easter egg" or whatever that was a couple of months ago and decided I should post it here. I did a search for Michael Bay on google and guess what I found?




    It is a print screen. I can assure you it's not shopped and I didn't changed it in any way. I refreshed and all and it stayed just like that, however in the wikipedia article itself it remained Michael Benjamin Bay.

  8. Amazing as always Bosco.


    And a big thank you to the companies who supplied material! It's great to see that they care about contests like this one!


    Don't know if I should participate since I didn't had a chance to interact with him but good luck to all that will.


    I bet Ryan would love this!

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