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    INTEL i5 750 Running @3.8GHZ
    2x2GB Kingston Hyperx 1600MHZ 8-8-8-24 @ 1.5v
    ECS 8400GS (Temp Card until i save up some cash)
    2x 500GB WD 7200RPM HDD's in RAID 0
    Coolermaster V8 Cpu Cooler
    650watt Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus 2.3v SLI
    Coolermaster HAF-922
    22'' Inch LG LCD Monitor 1920x1080, 2ms, 50,000:1
    Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Build 7600

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  1. ok i managed to get it at 3.8 @ 1.2500 vCore and memory at 1800mhz @ 1.5volt 9-9-9-24 as youcan see the max temp i got was 70, i ran memorytest86+ for 8 hrs and got 0 errors, so is the temps ok for a CM V8, but i will be getting a Noctau NH-D14 when the price goes down a bit, so is this a good temp for my overclock oh and also my motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD3R
  2. hi i just built a brand new i5 system and want to know how far i can push this quad but i dont understand QPI and other new features, i have got it running at 3.8ghz with a voltage of 1.26250 and with Turbo boost enabled i have set all the voltages to stock and it seems to be pretty stable oh and my ram is kingston hyperx 1600mhz DDR3 2x 2GB dual channel, i would like to know what stress tests would be suitable for my i5 could you please point me in the right direction please
  3. cirro im not that stupid, like i would run my cpu at 100c PFFFT haha, ok now i will be applying some AS5 when i mount my v8 but i still havent gotten the brackets oh and i also want to add that im running my 2x 2GB Kingston hyper x 1600MHZ ddr3 sticks at 1430MHZ 7-7-7-24 @ 1.5volt, is that good as the stock timings were 9-9-9-24, could you tell me what would be a good memory test software, i have used Memorytest 86 and i ran it for 8 hours and got 0 errors
  4. ok i stressed the cpu with IBT for 5 mins and the max temp i got was in low 70's and thats with a minor overclocker at 3.00GHZ 1.20Vcore , i have a v8 coolermaster but i havent gotten the 1156 mounting brackets yet so i should be ok to take it to 3.5ghz wen i strap on my V8
  5. wow thanx for the replys, ummm i will do a stress test could you tell me what would be the ideal software for my i5 to stress the heck out of it. many regards Mitchell
  6. hello i just finished building my i5 system and i dont know what is the best software for temp monitoring but im getting 26 degrees using this software, is this ok many regards Mitchell
  7. hi i was wondering what is your boot time for windows 7 i used BOOTRACER to determine my speed from when i turn the PC on and when i enter my password to when it loads to my desktop
  8. ok i now have attached a 6cm fan on the huge heatsink on the card with some cable ties, now ive tinkered around with the clocks and ive gotten Core - 775 MEM - 464 SHADER - 1861 the temps i am now getting is 38 idle and 47 max load through furmark, does anyone noe if this card can be volt modded and remember this is the 512MB version of the 8400GS and the manufacturer is ECS i paid 20 dollars for the card so im not worried if i fry it
  9. hello as u can see in my title, i want to overclock my 8400gs to the max, i have just recently built an i5 rig with a P55a-UD3R MOBO and 2x 2GB Kingston Hyperx 1600MHZ DDR3 ram also a V8 coolermaster and Haf 922 case, any ways the card is idling at 57 and under max load through furmark it doesnt go over 65 but i still think there more for this card to give i will be upgrading in the next month or so as i am saving up for a 5870. many regards Mitchell
  10. hi i just built a new i5 rig but i dont understand gigabyte P55A-UD3R motherboard as i want to overclock my i5 750 to at least 3.8ghz, and could u please tell me what power saving options to disable
  11. spoilers dont make the car go faster they keep the back end of the car down and when turning a corner they keep the car from sliding out from the back end, now for example look at most drift cars they have no rear spoilers because it restricts them from getting into a drift get my point. P.S i was born in australia and live here too and i got to say australia has the best muscle cars but my favourite american muscle is the 1969 ford mustang fastback, i also love subarus for their reliability and stability o the road i have a 1992 subaru brumby which is called a subaru 'BRAT' in america and im planning on putting a 2.5 litre wrx engine in it and change it to constant All wheel drive (AWD) and put a huge garrat turbo in it lol ill post pics wen done thanx for reading cheers MATE.
  12. lol i live in australia perth wa and my dad owns a xa gt phase 3
  13. wats this car lets see who gets this,
  14. Hello i have an e6300 pentium dual core also, mines been running at 3.6ghz (343x10.5) 1.28750 vCore for about 4 months now and i havent had one problem but i cant get mine past 3.6ghz now i have a Eg41MF-US2H GIGABYTE M/B and i go into M.I.B intellegent...... and set all my voltages and timings to the default clocks/frequences never leave it on auto or youll over volt ur processor, now try that and set your cpu multiplier to 10.5 and the bus to 333 and have a crack at that but underclock your ram also by adjusting the ram divider now could you please tell me you ram brand and speeds. many regards mitch
  15. ok then ill go dual channel and i think im gonna wait for the 5830 because with the 256-bit i would have better performance at higher res and i could overclock the 5830 to match the 5850so i think ill wait
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