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  1. I am having trouble getting Vista installed on a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. The hard drive is a Fujistu MHZ2160BH G2 sata or ata drive. I first went to the Fujitisu website only to get a message "Fujitsu Limited has transferred its hard disk drive (HDD) business to Toshiba". So I went to the Toshiba website only to be told hard drive diagnostics tools are only available to PC manufacturers? I have also looked on the Dell website but can only find an EXE diagnostics program. Can anybody recommend me a boot CD/DVD that will allow me to check the hard drive is working ok and has no errors and will also let me do a low level or full format?
  2. Looks like we will finally find out the official specs for Fermi as the NDA ends today. http://alienbabeltech.com/main/?p=14549
  3. My main PC has bit the dust. I had most of my important stuff backed onto a seperate drive (D drive) and an external USB drive. However I also had stuff I need on the windows drive. I have took the windows drive out of the broken PC and put it in my external USB drive. However it only gets recognised as a storage device. When I look at the drive it only shows 3 folders Documents and Settings, Program files and Windows The stuff I need to recover was in a folder in the desktop. I also need to recover my favourites from IE and firefox. I have tried taking out the windows drive from the working PC and replacing it with the windows drive from the broken PC. The drive is recognised but the PC restarts after trying to get into windows. It also does the same if I try to boot into safe mode. Both windows drives are 250Gb hitachi with XP SP3. Is there anyway I can recover the data I need?
  4. I forgot to add I also tried taking the battery out and clearing the CMOS.
  5. Any ideas? Switched my PC on this morning and the screen went wierd/scrambled during boot up. Switched it off and on again and went into bios after a few seconds screen went all wierd again. At the moment the screen only shows no signal input. I am not getting any post beeps. PC specs (No laughing please lol) Windows XP SP3 500w PSU Gigabyte 85661FXMP-RZ motherboard Pentium 4 3.2Ghz processor single stick 1GB PC3200U DDR 400 Mhz ram Geforce fx 5200 graphics card 2 250GB hard drives DVD writer Luckily I have a second even older PC to get parts from to test As the monitor was showing no signal input the first thing I tried was using the onboard graphics. No change. I then tried a second 5200 graphics card from my second PC. I then tried a second monitor and cable. I then tried reseating the ram. I tried both slots. I then tried a second power supply. I could not try the ram from the second PC as it is different type to mine and will not fit. The PC is booting up and the processor fan is coming on. Now I am stuck as to what to try next. It may be the ram at fault but I don't want to go out and buy more ram only to find it is not the ram.
  6. I have seen the 3D effect running. It is amazing. However I want a monitor to come out that is bigger than 24 inch and also does 120Hz.
  7. I see the new MSI big bang motherboard has onboard automatic overclocking features Do you think it will be able to overclock automatically as good as a manual overclock? http://eu.msi.com/index.php?func=pro...=&prod_no=1938
  8. The old one was the LM10 released in 2008. It got pulled after 2 months due to poor reviews and overpricing (
  9. Has anybody tried the new Danamics LMX liquid metal cooler? or found any good online reviews?
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