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  1. Still running strong at 4.4GHz
  2. What's the difference between this Q9550... AT80569PJ073N and this Q9550... BX80569Q9550
  3. My e6600 is slower than the second coming. Was thinking about upgrading it to a quad but i don't want to waste the money. Saving up for a sandy bridge build instead. I suggest you save your money as well.
  4. We'll find out! Only a few bucks for the 450W PSU if this one fails. 6 hours of Prime95 at 4.4GHz.
  5. Well, I've got her all wrapped up! Currently stress testing at 4.4GHz and stable so far! (1 hour into Prime95) Max temp so far 64°C, idles 20°C. At 4GHz max temps were 42°C. The final build: Intel Core i3 530 CPU 2.93GHz @ 4.40GHz Corsair H50 CPU Cooler 30°C low/65°C high (18°C ambient) G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB 1333 (1200) CL8-8-8-24 RAM Gigabyte Radeon HD5750 Video Card Gigabyte H55N-USB3 M/B Sony Optiarc Slot-load 8x DVD Burner Kingston 64GB SSD Silverstone Sugo SG05 Case Scythe 120mm Slim 12mm profile fan Had the case first so i painted all of the bare metal black. Decided to steal parts from my current rig to keep the cost down a little (really though, it was an excuse to build a better, water cooled rig in the future, especially when the wife saw the look on my face when i took away my main PC's second HD5750 and 4GB of RAM, and my second monitor) I knew there would be trouble fitting the Corsair H50 inside the case since Corsair documented a build with the H50 inside this very same case. I didn't want to resort to using zip-ties like they did so i bought the Scythe 12mm thin fan with the hope that it would enable the corsair to mount using the screws and the optical tray to fit too. Turns out it still didn't fit, i needed only 5mm to line up the holes but it just wasn't gonna happen. So i moved the optical tray back 5mm and drilled some new holes to screw into the case. Unfortunately that meant the optical drive wouldn't line up flush with the front of the case. My fix was to skip the tiny mounting screws (i tried to search all over town for some tiny tapping metal screws to pinch the dvd drive in place but no luck) and to use double sided tape in a few key spots. The drive was pretty snug in the first place so i'm hoping it'll do the trick. If it turns out the drive starts moving i'll have to find another solution. I didn't use zip-ties to secure the radiator because i didn't want it to look ghetto, now i'm using double-sided tape. Heh. All in all i'm extremely happy with the performance so far. Definitely impressed with the Corsair H50. Here's some pics (excuse the quality, the flash cast too many dark shadows and my hands are just too darn shaky without it)
  6. Thanks for the reply and the pics. I've ordered the rest of the parts and I'm spray-painting the innards of the case as we speak. Still waiting on the motherboard and CPU to arrive any day now. Will post pics!
  7. I recommend NZXT cases. Very user friendly. The Gamma is a great bargain with a lot of features for such a cheap case. 850W is probably overkill. 750W should do you just fine. I'm partial to Gigabyte mobo's. And on-board sound. You definitely won;t be disappointed with your gaming experience with that build methinks.
  8. It's a SFF case, a standard ATX PSU will not fit without modifying the case.
  9. I don't believe that will fit without modification.
  10. Probably best to play it safe? Silverstone SST-ST45SF 450W PSU - $70
  11. Building a moderate gaming rig the wife and i can carry back and forth to work. Budget is roughly $1000 CDN. I have a 775 and 1156 at home already so I'd like to stick to 1156 for merging parts at a later date. Here's what i'm thinking... Already purchased: Silverstone Sugo SG05 SFF Case w/300W PSU - $97 Sony Optiarc Slim Slot-load 8x DVD Burner w/ pwr/data cable- $71 Corsair H50 CPU Cooler - $64 Kingston V Series Gen II 64GB SSD - $105 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - $94 SubTotal: $431 For the rest: Scythe 12mm x 120mm slim profile fan - $11 Intel i3-530 CPU - $116 Gigabyte H55N-USB3 m/b - $95 Corsair XMS3 2x2GB DDR3-1600 CL 7-8-7-20 - $105 SubTotal: $327 Total: $758 Which leaves $242 for the video card, which is where i could use some help. The two limiting factors are size and power consumption. So i'm thinking the GTX 460? It's been done with 300W, it'll fit, it performs, it's relatively future-proof, It retails for around $250. Opinions? The machine should play games like Supreme Commander 2, Sims 3, Fallout 3 and Civ 5 to name a few. Thanks for any input, LS
  12. I'm running Win7 64. AJW256, How did you solve the problem? zoblul, i've got my mouse, keyboard and UPS connected via USB and that's it. I'll disconnect all except mouse before shut down and see what happens. Sihastru, i'll check that out when i get home too. Thanks for all your help so far. It's not really that big of a problem, more of a pain in the butt than anything.
  13. So every time i try to shut down my PC it just starts right up a few seconds later. After a bit of searching i've read that it could be caused by Windows rebooting on an error that occured during shutdown. But when i disable the reboot on error option (forget the official name of the checkbox) in advanced system options it still happens. Eventvwr really isn't helping at all. I've got a realtek audio error and a WLAN error which i'll try to sort out when i get home but i don't think they are the problem. I've disabled ALL power-up options in the BIOS and wake-up on LAN is disabled in Windows as well. I always click "shut down" and leave the room before it's shut down completely so it's hard to tell when this started happening. Any ideas?
  14. It's keeping my CPU pretty cool "as we speak"
  15. Hi all! Just finished building my new i5 and rebuilding my old E6600! Here's some stats, pics to follow later... Gaming Rig Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz @ 3.80GHz Gigabyte P55 UD5 MB Cooler Master V8 CPU heat sink G.Skill Ripjaws 1333 4x2GB 99924 Gigabyte HD5750 x 2 Crossfire Corsair HX750 PSU Western Digital Blue .5TB and Green 1TB NZXT Panzerbox case HTPC Rig Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz Gigabyte EP45 UD3L MB Zerotherm Core92 CPU heat sink Patriot Extreme 800 2x1GB 44412 EVGA Geforce 8800GTS 312MB Thermaltake TR2 600W PSU Samsung .36TB and WD Green 1TB NZXT Gamma case
  16. I wanted to run some 3DMark CPU tests at different speeds just to compare the results. I'm wondering if i've come across a "sweet spot" if such a thing exists. I'm new to all this and learning as i go, what are your thoughts on this? Do the results mean anything or is it just coincidence? Core i5 750 stock 2.66GHZ 26
  17. IIRC 1.42V And it's in it's home now, away from the window and a little too close to a warm AV receiver than i would like. So no more cool air advantage. Although my imagination went wild after i saw those low temps; with visions of air vents out the window with dehydrators and hygrometers, even thoughts of a copper heat sink that stuck out the window attached to a rad in the snow! I wish i could afford to take the risk of shorting something with hoar frost.
  18. I live in beautiful Fort Nelson, BC where the temps this time of year hover around the -20
  19. Is the i5 750 on 1156 out of the question? I've read lots of reviews about its great bang per buck ratio when it comes to overclocking. It's why i ultimately chose the i5. I'm certainly liking my 3.7GHz on air!
  20. Still waiting for the bridge. Hopefully it gets here soon so i can finally finish the build off (for now anyway) and manage some cables. So far it's pretty impressive compared to my E6600. OC'd to 3.9 it's stable but CPU temps are a little too high for my liking. At 3.9GHz at full load max CPU temp was 75 C. I've got it running at 3.33GHz now. CPU fan squeals when at 2000RPM or up and at 3.33 the fans stay at 1997RPM at idle. (Gotta replace that little guy) 100% load is a comfortable 63 C. Idles at 43 C. Once i get a quieter fan i'll probably set it at 3.7GHz for good. Love the NZXT Panzerbox but i definitely needed a fan controller. Got the NZXT Sentry LX and it makes the Panzerbox look like one wicked machine! Pics to follow once that 2nd 5750 is installed.
  21. Well i got it running; no problems at all! Just need to wait for another Xfire bridge so i can add the second 5750. So far it's running great with just the one though. Fallout 3 is maxxed at my TV's 1300x768 resolution. Sims 3 is a little bit choppy at max settings. The Sims 3 load times are a helluva lot faster though. Still waiting for my Optical drives (old ones are EIDE) , another HDD and Xfire bridge. Haven't OC'd much at all. Right now CPU idle temp is 32C. Max temp so far has been 37C. Still need to learn some things before i start changing settings. I did try the overclocking software that came with the Gigabyte board. Used the Turbo setting which brought my i5 up to 3GHz but the system wasn't completely stable so i set it back to stock for now. Will add some pics once i'm done with everything. Didn't want to post pics of the inside of the case cuz of the EIDE cable. Fugly!
  22. He let it idle for 15 MINUTES - UNDER WATER before it finally died. More proof you don't need to be smart to be rich!
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