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    I love researching Hardware , and overclocking my computer. I also am a hardcore gamer.


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    Cpu - Core i7 920 2.7 ghz (Soon to be 3.6ghz)
    Cpu cooler - Prolimatech Megahelms
    Motherboard - Evga x58 sli le
    Graphics - Sapphire HD 5850
    RAM - OCZ 1600 mhz 7-7-7-24 (3 x 2GB)
    PSU - Corsair HX 750w
    Case - Antec 902
    Mouse -Logitech G5 gaming mouse
  1. Lastman

    Temperature monitor

    Riva Tuner is the best Overclocking and Monitoring tool at the moment. I used to use it with my 9800 GT , but i Use Catalyst control center with my curent Ati Sapphire 5850.
  2. I used an Multiplier of 19 becuase my Ram can only go to 1600 MHZ. If I used 21 x or 20 x I would only use 1300 - 1440 MHZ of my ram speed. But with a BCLK of 190 x 8 = 1520 MHZ which I get out of my Ram. These are my new temps at Idle. My ambient is 18C. This is how my cable managment looks. What you think?
  3. HI , I used the settings I mentioned and I am getting 1540 Mhz out of my Ram. I used 1.25 V-Core. Here is the proof of 3.6 GHZ. These are my Idle Temps. And these are my temps after running Prime95 for 2 hours. Now I am busy trying to lower the V-core from 1.25 even further. I also order 2 (Scythe 1900 rpm Slipstream) fans for my Cpu cooler. I currently have a really bad fan on it. Should drop temps by 5C. What do you guys think of my first attempt?
  4. Lastman

    Inside Pics Of Your PC

    Hi , This is an pic of the inside of my computer. Any yep. That is an Sapphire Hd 5850 I am loving it.
  5. Lastman

    This is my first build

    Hello again , Here is a pic of my finished build. Hope you like it.
  6. Lastman

    This is my first build

    Thx for the link. I will be sure to post my results. I will be overclocking to 3.6 GHZ. I will be using 390 Bclk and a 19x multiplier. This way I will get to use 1520 mhz of my DDR3 Ram kit.
  7. Lastman

    Looking for build suggestions...

    What sort of system were you looking to build. Gaming Pc, Video Editing, general use ? What is your price range.?
  8. Lastman

    Assassins Creed 2

    I can't wait for AC 2 !!!! I live in Australia nad i buy all my games from Tailand. ( These are not copies full legit ) I have preordered AC 2 $30 including shipping. Here is a link to the store. Maybe they ship to America too. Zest Interactive
  9. Thankyou for all the help. The last link you gave me really helped. I will use E-Leet to overclock in small steps. When i Reach a stable 3.6 GHz. I will put the settings in my Bios and Run Prime 95 over night. If i used a 19x multiplier and 190 bclk , it would let me get 1512 mhz out of ram in stead of using 20 x 180 bclk 1440 mhz on my ram. Is this a good idea??
  10. Hi, I am new to the forums. I have an Antec 900 2 I will be getting these parts in 3 days. And i will then Build my computer. Evga SLI Le Motherboard. Sapphire HD 5850 OCZ 12800 1600 mhz 7-7-7-24 (3 x 2 GB) Core i7 920 Corsair HX 750w Prolimatech Megahalms Cpu cooler Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste I want to overclock my cpu to 3.6 GHZ. I have seen guides about overclocking. But non of them tell you how to overclock it to 3.6 GHZ. Do you have a Link that could help me , or could you post what Timings and multipliers i would need? This is the only guide I have found so far. Would this work? " Step one: Enter the BIOS and go to the "Frequency/Voltage control" menu. Step two: Change the "CPU Host Frequency" to 180. This should be good for 3.6 GHz. Step three: Make sure the PCI-E frequency is still at 100MHz. Step four: Set the CPU Vcore up to around 1.35V Step five: Go into the "Memory Feature" submenu Step six: Set the memory frequency as close to 1600MHz as you can. With a 180MHz bclk, this will probably be around 1450MHz or so. Step seven: Make sure the first 4 memory parameters are (in this order) 7-7-7-24. Also set the last memory parameter to 2T if it isn't set to that already. Step eight: Go back to the main "Frequency/Voltage control" menu, and make sure the DIMM voltage is set to 1.5V. Step nine: Leave all other voltages on auto, and then go into the "CPU feature" menu. Disable Turbo Mode. Step ten: Set the "QPI frequency selection" to the lowest option.
  11. Lastman

    This is my first build

    I meant I will get the 3 x 2 GB OCZ kit. Are there any good overclocking guides which will help me overclock to 3.4 - 3.6 ghz? After running Prime 95 for 24 hours and i am happy. Maybe i will overclock higher. I have had experience overclcoking Graphic cards , but not CPUs. I overclocked my Gigabyte 9800 Gt Core clock from 650 mhz to 850 mhz , my memory from 800 - 1050.
  12. Lastman

    This is my first build

    Thx m8.
  13. Lastman

    This is my first build

    Hi, I am new to the forums. I have an Antec 900 2 case already. THIS IS WHAT i want to upgrade too. Evga SLI Le Motherboard. Sapphire HD 5850 OCZ 12800 1600 mhz 7-7-7-24 Core i7 920 Corsair HX 750w Prolimatech Megahalms Cpu cooler Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste I will be overclocking the CPU to 3.6 GHZ after running stress tests for a while. What are your thoughts on what i want to upgrade too. I live in Australia so Telling me about places to buy the stuff in the States won't help. Are there any guides for a building a computer you could reccomend?