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    OCC Halloween Hunt Contest

    I wont even participate since right now I'm using integrated video. Just wanted to say that you're awesome for doing this!
  2. Sup guys, We had a power surge in my house the other day and the only thing that got fried was my monitor's AC adapter, I know this because I connected my laptop's AC adapter to check the monitor itself and everything was OK. My question is, would using a higher power AC adapter on my monitor bring problems later on?, laptop's output is 3.95A while the monitor's is 2.1A. Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  3. I'll conclude the thread just in case anyone lands here by googling. I've been using my laptop's AC adapter for a couple of days now and everything is running like default. Thanks for everything guys!.
  4. That's the thing. I can't get the exact Asus AC adapter in my country, I'm planning on buying a laptop AC adapter that comes as close as possible to factory specs on the Asus, just wanted to make sure I could go a couple of Amps above without frying my monitor. Thanks for the help!.
  5. I love how smooth these contest run!. Congrats to the winners, and thanks again for the chance OCC!.
  6. Sup guys, The video card in question My card doesn't have the red shroud since it performed a lot better without it for along time. The fan is not dead per-se since it tries to spin, the thing is that it's so heavy on the bearings that it doesn't go. Right now I have the GPU underclocked to oblivion with a house fan pointed at it and and the temp is sitting @ 94C with just a youtube video playing. Can this be saved or at least extend its time? Thanks guys.
  7. NuComer

    Reviving a 4870 fan?

    When you say clean it thoroughly, you mean the insides of the fan?
  8. NuComer

    Reviving a 4870 fan?

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys I think I'll try that, when you say Oil, what kind of oil do you mean exactly? Im on the same boat with you, I'm not sure if it's worth the 50 bucks. Plus, this card isn't reference so it could be a hassle to get a correct fit. I'll try that after oiling the ball bearings With what should I lube the bearings? 3 in 1? Again, thanks everyone for their time.
  9. Thanks for the chance!. Good luck to everyone and thanks to the people who donated items and sponsors for backing such an awesome contest!.
  10. NuComer

    Hi everyone, I'm new here! ^_^ so thanks for having me...

    Welcome man, and good luck with your projects!.
  11. Hey guys, So, today I went to turn on my computer after a long blackout we had (common in my country). And it tried to turn on, the fans moved for less than a second, after that it didn't do anything. I tried to disconnect the power cord and proceeded to press the power button several times trying to clean any current, connected it again, and it's still the same. Unplugged everything internally and plugged it back in, still the same behavior. Before this has happened my computer did something rather weird, when I would turn it off for the day, the ON/OFF Led would still be on, idk if this has anything to do with the issue, but i'm just throwing it out there. One thing, we have a power inverter in my house, so the computer did not turn off suddenly with the blackout, I turned it off normally with the help of the inverter. Finally, I don't smell anything burned in any way. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  12. I'm actually not sure what's wrong with it but I'm guessing bad memory or something along the lines?, but I've been using it with a hefty underclock for the past 1.5 to 2 years from 750/900 to 660/775. Otherwise I would be playing normally until a white screen pops up locking everything and a 1 second sound loop forcing me to restart. I had this thread before where I got some help to no avail.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion Mr. Wev, but things have changed a little bit. Today I went into the repair shop to test the motherboard and PSU and the technician showed me that the PSU had a short, he told me that if it was a blown cap or something along those lines he could repair it for me, but in this case there was nothing to be done and didn't even charged me, nice guy. So, I went out the store with my tower in hand, ready to come home and order a psu online, then I realized how close we are to december in which time my business has it's peak every year, so I just bought a crappy 500W "Emerald" power supply for like 25 dollars just to work on my desktop until then. Planning to buy a 650W Corsair, and if I can I'll finally be able to upgrade my damaged video card . Guess no gaming until December, but I can live with that. As always thanks everyone for their support!.
  14. Thanks a lot, Tomorrow ill go to a pc repair shop, to see if they can test it out for me, I'm almost possitive that the problem is the PSU as well. So, right now i'm a little low on money. What are your thoughts on this without taking the rebate into account?
  15. Thank you for the answer. I was worrying about the same thing, right now i don't have another PU to try with. Is there any ways that this is a motherboard problem instead of a PSU issue?
  16. Hey guys, lately I've been having this problem, everything seems to be working fine but out of nowhere my wifi signal drops one bar and my internet starts to slow down massively. My wifi adapter is a Linksys WMP54G My router is Huanwei HG530 Thanks for any advice guys!.
  17. I can't think of a friend that might have a router laying around. But for the time being I'm gonna try to just use a cable, since I had to move my router anyways, and see how that goes. Thanks for all the help provided man. If anyone else have any other suggestions I'm all ears.
  18. Well, this router came with the signing of my contract service, so idk what to expect from it :/. So, my signal went down a bar and I took a ping test And then I took a speedtest. Now the signal is back up to 5 bars and look at the difference PING SPEED All this with the router literally on top of my desk. This happens a few times a day.
  19. Has there been any rhyme or reason to the slowdowns? i.e. a certain time or day of the week? Have you ran a tracert command from your client PC to an external server such as google.com or yahoo.com? If so how many hops are occurring and are there any timeouts? Have you ran any internet speed tests (speedguide.net etc.?) I haven't been able to identify any pattern and I've been actively trying to do so for the past few days. It's not at a certain time of the day or anything of sorts, as far as I can see, it's kinda random. I haven't done a tracert command. How do I do this? and when should I do it? when my connection is slowing down or just leave it running until something happens?. I've ran speed tests and ping tests. When the signal is @ 4 bars I get like 0.33DL/0.10UL with a high ping. When my signal is normal I get my normal speeds 1.2mb/0.20kb UL (crappy dominican internet). This is what leads me to believe that my signal going down has to be connected to getting low speeds. have you checked your PC lately with a malware detection program (i.e. Malwarebytes) and are you currently running an up to date anti-virus program? Did this yesterday and did not find anything out of the usual. On another note. I was talking with my service provider, they actually told me that my router is an "entry level hardware", nice words just to say it sucks and gave me instructions to put it even closer to my desktop, which I did. Any changes I see I'll post them inmediatly. Thanks again!.
  20. Woah, thank you for taking the time to write this. How old is your hardware? Do you get the same results from various wireless clients, or is it only happening on one specific client (i.e. a single smart phone, laptop or remote desktop?) My adapter might be 1.4 years old at most and my router is around 2 months old. I only use my Desktop computer to connect to this router as of today, but around a month ago I used to use my laptop a lot with this router and did not feel any slowdowns, even though the signal strength was never @ 5 bars. Do you have any other radio transmitting devices in the office or residence that might be interfering with wireless signal from the wireless router? Is the router set to auto-negotiate the best radio channel or do you have a static channel set? I have, 2 wireless phones that have their base pretty far away from the router and have not noticed any connection to me using the phone and the signal strength going down. I also have 2 cellphones turned on all the time, these are a lot closer to the router. Do you have any neighbors near enough to hijack into your wireless network? Is the wireless network secured and if so what wireless networking security protocol? i.e. WEP, WPA etc.... I do have neighbors near enough to do that. The wireless network is secure using WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK. The router is not using the default password and it's using TKIP/AES encryption.(No idea what these mean, but it says so on the router RUI ). Have you measured the actual transmission strength of the radio signal from various points within the office or residence? Simply saying that you drop one bar doesn't tell us that much. I have not done this, since my router is like 3-4 feets away from my PC and I have it an a tall cabinet(? don't know how to call this piece of furniture in English, but I think this works lol).
  21. Thanks a lot for the awesome format Andrew . CPU: Stock e8400 Motherboard: MSI G31TM-P21 RAM: G-Skill Pi Series 2048MB (x2 1024MB) DDR2 @800 GPU: Dying XFX HD4870 1GB @ 650/775. She's a fighter :') Storage: 500GB WD Caviar Black and WD 1TB Caviar Blue Chassis: Don't really know the brand, sorry. It's a huge tower case, it does the job. Cooling: Everything Stock, I have a brand new Assasin CPU Cooler (OCC Xmas Prize), but im saving that for when i upgrade to i5 PSU: Antec EarthWatts 650W Display: Asus MS238H 23" 1080p Audio: Factory Keyboard: Cheap Tecnomaster Mouse: Genius Traveler 100 Country: Dominican Republic Thanks for the chance OCC!. And Good luck to everyone
  22. NuComer

    Video Crashes During Gaming

    Hey man, glad you could find some answers!. Can you confirm if this fixed it for good plz?. Thanks and good luck!.
  23. NuComer

    Video Crashes During Gaming

    I posted the exact same issue a long while ago, but with my 4870. I did 2 things that let me play with no issues, first of all i underclocked the card, both the CPU and RAM, this served me well for a while but it started doing it again. Now, I've been able to play for hours and hours, with my case open and a big fan pointed to it. There is a lot of ppl with the exact same issue but with no solid solution. Hope this works for you and good luck!.