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  1. I wont even participate since right now I'm using integrated video. Just wanted to say that you're awesome for doing this!
  2. I'll conclude the thread just in case anyone lands here by googling. I've been using my laptop's AC adapter for a couple of days now and everything is running like default. Thanks for everything guys!.
  3. That's the thing. I can't get the exact Asus AC adapter in my country, I'm planning on buying a laptop AC adapter that comes as close as possible to factory specs on the Asus, just wanted to make sure I could go a couple of Amps above without frying my monitor. Thanks for the help!.
  4. Sup guys, We had a power surge in my house the other day and the only thing that got fried was my monitor's AC adapter, I know this because I connected my laptop's AC adapter to check the monitor itself and everything was OK. My question is, would using a higher power AC adapter on my monitor bring problems later on?, laptop's output is 3.95A while the monitor's is 2.1A. Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  5. I love how smooth these contest run!. Congrats to the winners, and thanks again for the chance OCC!.
  6. When you say clean it thoroughly, you mean the insides of the fan?
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions guys I think I'll try that, when you say Oil, what kind of oil do you mean exactly? Im on the same boat with you, I'm not sure if it's worth the 50 bucks. Plus, this card isn't reference so it could be a hassle to get a correct fit. I'll try that after oiling the ball bearings With what should I lube the bearings? 3 in 1? Again, thanks everyone for their time.
  8. Sup guys, The video card in question My card doesn't have the red shroud since it performed a lot better without it for along time. The fan is not dead per-se since it tries to spin, the thing is that it's so heavy on the bearings that it doesn't go. Right now I have the GPU underclocked to oblivion with a house fan pointed at it and and the temp is sitting @ 94C with just a youtube video playing. Can this be saved or at least extend its time? Thanks guys.
  9. Thanks for the chance!. Good luck to everyone and thanks to the people who donated items and sponsors for backing such an awesome contest!.
  10. I'm actually not sure what's wrong with it but I'm guessing bad memory or something along the lines?, but I've been using it with a hefty underclock for the past 1.5 to 2 years from 750/900 to 660/775. Otherwise I would be playing normally until a white screen pops up locking everything and a 1 second sound loop forcing me to restart. I had this thread before where I got some help to no avail.
  11. Thank you for the suggestion Mr. Wev, but things have changed a little bit. Today I went into the repair shop to test the motherboard and PSU and the technician showed me that the PSU had a short, he told me that if it was a blown cap or something along those lines he could repair it for me, but in this case there was nothing to be done and didn't even charged me, nice guy. So, I went out the store with my tower in hand, ready to come home and order a psu online, then I realized how close we are to december in which time my business has it's peak every year, so I just bought a crappy 500W "Emerald" power supply for like 25 dollars just to work on my desktop until then. Planning to buy a 650W Corsair, and if I can I'll finally be able to upgrade my damaged video card . Guess no gaming until December, but I can live with that. As always thanks everyone for their support!.
  12. Thanks a lot, Tomorrow ill go to a pc repair shop, to see if they can test it out for me, I'm almost possitive that the problem is the PSU as well. So, right now i'm a little low on money. What are your thoughts on this without taking the rebate into account?
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