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  1. Perhaps one of the most difficult problems that the peoples deal with is effective viruses that harms the hard disk, CPU, processor of a system an can even slow down the speed of the system. There are many antivirus which helps to protect your PC from bad sectors, but the price ranges are really high and a normal person can’t afford it. So, while surfing on internet I came through a site which have lots and lots of antivirus at low cost. The site is [spam link removed] and it contains many antiviruses which will protect your PC from any kind of virus.
  2. I am currently using AVG anti-virus because it identify and remove viruses, worms.. Care for your files, scans and cleans infection from e-mail attachment and Internet downloads automatically. Block spy wares former than they get installed on your PC. Protects your time unaccompanied by detecting and cleaning spy wares and blocking their actions of individuality stealing automatically. Firewall protects next to known and unidentified internal as well as external network based attacks.
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