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  1. Hello. I've recently overclocked my 4930k to 4.2ghz to get a boost in games. The problem is, core speed stays at 3.6ghz (stock with turbo) when I'm gaming, yet when I run prime95 to stress test it goes up to my 4.2ghz. My display is 2560x1600 so I really need all the juice I can get from my cpu when gaming. I currenly have speedstep on because I prefer not having my cpu running at 100% all the time when idle and doing other stuff. I'm still confused about C-State/C1E and if I should leave this on/off or auto. I'm also not sure if I should manually set my vcore (I currently do) @ 1.2 or if I should just leave it at auto as it seems to be fluctuating anyway. Mobo is asus p9x79 ws tldr; I want to utilize max core speed in games Any help apprectiated
  2. Good that the server browser is back, I hated the way it worked in MW2.
  3. I have tried the pc360's too, great sound by all means. For gaming they are about the same as mmx300 but for music.. I also own the razer megalodon which has good sound but doesn't come close to beyerdynamics in my opinion. Most people won't really notice much difference unless they have a good soundcard though. Also, the beyerdynamics are the most comfortable of them all, especially if you like closed headphones. Just my opinions though, doesn't have to mean anything for anyone.
  4. I have these, always been a hardcore beyerdynamic user. Nothing beats it when it comes to music (which is my main focus along with gaming) Mine were actually even more expensive because I added leather ear pads, custom colors and my online nick engraved into the side (ordered directly from the beyerdynamic store)
  5. None of my three discs have failed me but I gotta say the intel is my favorite. It's my most expensive one but hell, it was worth the money.
  6. Well, it now detects only the top two ports where I have the keyboard and mouse. I'm booting into win7 onboard is disabled
  7. I've been getting this problem lately. I can't have any usb devices connected when I boot or else my graphic cards aren't detected. It boots into windows only using the onboard graphics and blabla. I use a fair amount of usb connections and it's annoying to take them out and in everytime I boot. Any thoughts on what the problem might be? It happens with both back and front ports.
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    18 hours for me.
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    I used only the sniper rifle from the moment I got it until the end (except for the hospital boss) I'm such a sucker for sniper rifles, and honestly it's the best weapon in the game in my opinion, well except for the overpowered pulse cannon that you get at the end. Anyway, the game felt really short for me, even after doing every sidequest/racing. I don't really feel any need for playing the game again either. It's a fun experience that one time. I guess you can't expect more from a fps. I just hoped there would be maybe something more special about this game with all the hype around it for so long.
  10. Yeah, as you said. Console port or not, the TES games always turn out great after some modding. I'm looking forward to some really high quality textures. I guess we will se Skyrim mod manager too (SMM? lol)
  11. My god, I can not stand waiting any longer. None of the TES games have ever let me down so I hope this will be the case with Skyrim too. I'm gonna play the shit outta this game!
  12. Meh, not worth getting. And iPhone 4s? (for steve)?
  13. Tried reinstalling codec pack. Tried both CCCP and k-lite, issue still remains. I'm starting to think the problem actually lies in the encoding. I don't have the problem on any other files.
  14. I have an annoying problem when watching mkv files. My headset is a Beyerdynamic MMX 300: http://europe.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/multimedia/mmx-300-manufaktur.html It's fantastic for music and gaming, but for some reason when watching some anime lately it's been giving out this low beeping sound. It's just loud enough to hear when there's talking or not much noise going on. I have noticed this only happens on some mkv files so I wonder if something is up with the codecs. I don't have this problem with music files (mp3/flac) files or any other video format. I'm also wondering if maybe it's just the subgroup that has encoded it this way. Anyway, do you know if there's anything I could try to get rid of this annoying beep? It might be the encoding of the mkv file, but I want to be sure that it's not my headset. I've read some online about disabling the "beep sound" in the sound options/realtek driver, but I don't have that option for some reason.
  15. Relax, I was just messing around. I didn't have much against Steve Jobs.
  16. Meh. I wouldn't call it pissing. Spitting on the other hand...
  17. Rumor has it the iCasket will be the most expensive apple pruduct yet. It retails for 1Mil USD.
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    I'm still waiting for id to realize that no graphic options was a complete failure and release a patch adding it to the menu. I really don't want to play this game with blurry textures.
  19. They're pretty much the same I think. I rarely look at gpu temps. Seem to be 40 for the master card and 35 for the other.
  20. Wooo. I just got two 140mm Noiseblocker PK2's installed, one at the hdd bay and one at the bottom for intake. Now my temps are great. Idles around 30 (ambient 25 degrees) Never hitting 60 in games even with the antec 920 at only 20%. I could probably keep it way under 50 too but I prefer not having a noisy computer. These new fans are dead silent too. The hdd one probably doesn't do as much as the bottom one, but still, why not change them both when doing it. Both are intake, 3 scythes at the top as exhaust.
  21. I've always been a nvidia user but man this card looks sexy!
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    Wow, from the screenshots the difference in details are stunning. I hope this works.
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    I don't know what's up with all the Borderlands talk everywhere. Sure, the graphics may look like it in some spots but otherwise Borderlands was a better game in every way. Believe me when I say, Borderlands 2 will be an amazing game when it comes out.
  24. If facing the consequences means violence like a beating or something, then it sure is about violence.
  25. I would say there's a difference between hitting and being strict. You really believe violence is the way to raise your kid?
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