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    AMD FX 8350 @4.6ghz, Club3D R7 260X, 8GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator, 64GB Kingston SSD x2 RAID + 120GB Kingston HyperX SSD + 2TB WD Green HDD, Rocketfish PSU 700w, 32" Sony Bravia 1080p LED
  1. luke_warm

    AMD Mantle

    I was getting crashes so went back to the old drivers ill go back up when its a full release and not beta
  2. vms are definitely the way to go if you still need/want windows. I believe Ubuntu can be installed right inside of windows though? You might like fedora its a variant of red hat so the repository is fairly big and you have access to "yum". That'll save you the trouble of the make, make install blah blah
  3. I usually keep up with fedora through virtual machines I'm a Linux fan for server side stuff but for the average user windows is better hands down don't let Linux people argue otherwise lol
  4. luke_warm

    AMD Mantle

    not the catalyst update but the bf4 game update messed with the sound but the repair install ended up taking care of it. really annoying it was always the first round without in game sound just the end of level music. I like mantle though my 260X is getting a decent bump hopefully it gets adapted more
  5. memory controller I remember that coming into play with the ddr2/ddr3 phenom chips. If your going to be playing BF4 check out some benchmarks with the apus running it with the mantle update I got a nice boost on my R7 260X. but the high frequency memory will definitely make a difference for the built in gpu
  6. I had the same mobo/cpu combo previously before I went to the fx 8350. Tap the delete key while booting up to ente BIOS. Once inside the BIOS you have the intelligent tweaker option and from there you can increase your cpu multiplier incrementally to achieve the speed you desire. obviously don't just crank it off the bat take your time and run tests from inside windows to make sure things are stable as you go. There are also cpu voltage settings that may be needed to get your speeds up but definitely do research on the net and see what some other people have needed to do to jump to 4ghz if your not comfortable...melting your cpu would make it a lot less phenom-enal. I think I had mine at 3.8ghz but the 8350 is sitting at 4.6ghz on air
  7. luke_warm

    AMD Mantle

    the battlefield 4 update knocked out everyones sound hopefully they get it fixed for when amd puts the driver out they've had sooo many bugs
  8. http://www.itproportal.com/2012/05/02/hp-laptop-amd-trinity-apu-goes-sale-korea-under-500/
  9. for sure man. I have a llano laptop now and love it I've read that there'll be some 500-600 dollar trinity ones but I don't know what sort of power you can expect from them. I'm sure if its for basic computing you'll be flying
  10. I said yes but only because my last build actually did lol usually after like a week I'm looking at upgrades
  11. 2006 Honda Element EX AWD luke_warm edition
  12. AMD for desktop and laptop. Recent laptop purchase though before that it was intel
  13. i went through college for network engineering bored off my butt for a couple years got a good job in my field andd ended up hating it worse than hitler. but i stuck it out made money and now i flip homes for a living and couldnt be happier. everything ends up taking its course man and no education is a waste
  14. Yea apparently the new 28nm cards are coming out late 2011 or early 2012 something like that. If you google amd 7000 28nm you get a ton of articles. They're hurrying to get them out before nvidia does apparently but on the other hand i have a sapphire 6950 flex and it is a powerhouse
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