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  1. I got new shoes, turns out I'm a size 15
  2. Those people sometimes unlock thier CPU. This allows them to get higher speed without as high of heat problem then with overclocker the FSB.
  3. look in the manual for any cpu jumper settings or something. Any settings you haven't done.
  4. Cool it down a bit. Then after send the FSB up.
  5. Probably not. Though, I wouldn't mess with the heatsink. It's made the way it is and thats how the company intended to work right. It's possible that it would mess with the cooling.
  6. It also depends of the type too. Smart fans slow down when system goes into standby...I THINK. Like I said, fans turn on when you turn your computer on.
  7. don't bend them? I'd look around on sites for the answer.
  8. It should be under "Advanced Chipset" or something similar.
  9. Look for FSB settings or change the voltage. Do it a little bit at a time. You don't want to overheat.
  10. Try adding an extra case fan. And a bigger PSU. Read what I posted here.
  11. I don't feel like writting a 2 page summary, so here.
  12. I can't assure you that I'll buy but I'm looking for atleast 12x8x24 burner. BTW, has to be internal. Please post a picture of it if possible.
  13. Fans are powered by the PSU. So when you boot up your PSU kicks your fans on. Your BIOS doesn't control them. Though, some fans allow your to control the speed. But that has nothing to do with turning it on. Just don't worry. Though, you might want to check to see if there is thermal greece stuff on the heatsink and proc. If you didn't apply this you can look around websites for how to do this.
  14. Theirs only one way to put it in there. PSU's and motherbaord have a safety tab from putting it in the wrong way. Even if you did. You better be looking for a new motherboard. You might want to look in your BIOS for any restarting setting.
  15. been on the beyondunreal.com forums like 4-5 times.
  16. Post your system specs... Here's mine: 700Mhz PIII (grrr) 384mb SDR-RAM 30GB maxtor 72,000RPM (7,200 i assume) Geforce2 Ti TH 64MB Soundblaster Live! Value 2nd Ed. Cable Modem /me needs a bit of upgrading
  17. Maximum PC! I miss you so much. What's that? You want a hug?
  18. Are you sure it's fried? What makes you think this?
  19. Geforce4MX is not even as fast as the GF3. I think it's based off the GF2 core. It's might not be the best choice.
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