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  1. I think ill crossfire if the prices go down dramatically like by $100. 0_0 but would 60 amps on 12 volt rails be enough for crossfire if so then there is a higher chance.
  2. Should i go i5 750 so i can afford the 5870? Core i5 750 Gigabyte P55-UD3 Sapphire 5870 Ripjaws 4gb 1333mhz Would that be good build?
  3. @Darkfuneral1337 yea im getting extra 3 gigs of ram. God bless the 6 ram slots. @Fight Game E6550 @ 3.4 ghz 8800gt P35-DS3 4gb Kingston
  4. Ok i think these parts would be good. Core i7 920 Asus P6T OCZ Platinum 3x1gb 1333mhz Sapphire 5850 For $1130. Australian Dollars This would be a good upgrade?
  5. I cant go 6 gb but can upgrade in the future so yea ill buy extra 3x1gb kit when i get more money.
  6. I have enough to go i7 i just have to buy less things for my xbox 360. I think ill go i7 920 then. I can afford these things: Core i7 920 Patriot Signature 3x1gb 1333mhz Asus P6T-SE Sapphire 5850 Should i pay the extra $12 to get the P6T since it supports both sli and crossfire?
  7. I think ill go with the i7 860 because wont those 4 extra threads help me in encoding? i encode some video clips for youtube so yea. Ill get the I7 860 Gigabyte P55-UD3 G-Skill Ripjaws 1333mhz 4gb Sapphire 5850 For $1000 total. Australian Dollers. Thanks for all your help guyz. I hope this build is pro lol.
  8. I meant that if u add the mobo cpu ram and gpu together it is but thats cause i choose a ud4 for the i5 750 since it had crossfire.
  9. If i wasnt buying a xbox 360 i would have a system similar to you rourkchris.........
  10. i might just go with the i7 860 since it is actually cheaper then both. Have to first buy a 1156 lga bracket for noctua nh-u12p. If anyone from australia know were to get one please tell.
  11. Would that smash the core i7 920 in gaming? cause i heard that the 860 matched the 975 nearly.
  12. O yea i forgot to mention i have a Zalman HP-750 watts which has 60 amps. I might just get a sapphire then. I will probably never go crossfire soon cause im not that rich lol. I think i can go with a Core i7 860 setup. Core i7 860 Gigabyte P55-UD3 G-Skill Ripjaws 2x2gb 1333mhz Sapphire 5850 Would that be better?
  13. I have 2 decisions with my upgrade. Im not sure which one would do well in gaming. Choice #1: Intel Core i5 750 Gigabyte P55-UD4 G-Skill Ripjaws 4gb 2x2gb 1333mhz 2x MSI 4890 Choice #2: Core i7 920 Asus P6T Corsair XMS3 3x1gb 1333mhz Powercolor 5850 I play at a resolution of 1680x1050 but i sometimes go on the big screen and play at 1920x1080. I play games such as far cry 2, call of duty world at war, need for speed shift and most upcoming games. I would like the system to be pretty much good enough to play most games at decent framerates for atleast 2-3 years. And keep in mind that i have a Antec 900 which i have to squeeze the card into. thx in advance
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