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  1. NikolaT

    Back after a few years

    Heyo! It's extremely likely that no one remembers me, but I posted very casually back from ~2009-2011. I stopped when me and my family finally came to the United States and have since finished high school along with a small amount of college. Reading through some of my old posts gave me a huge surge of nostalgia that inspired me to get back into computers. I will probably not have as much time in the coming months as I'm enlisting in the United States Air Force (kid in Serbia to prospective Airman in the United States - who would have guessed?) but once I get settled in with that following tech school and have a bit of money to spend I'll try to fulfill my dream of building my very own PC with money not acquired through my parents I'm really looking forward to finding my way back into this community. The only two people I remember are Kamikaze Badger and Bosco, so if either of you are reading this - you guys are hugely committed to this website
  2. NikolaT

    Are you using Google+?

    I find Facebook vastly superior...
  3. NikolaT

    SOPA/ E-Parasite Act

    This is ridiculous... they don't even need proof to get such powerful actions processed? Seriously? Sometimes I feel like this world is just broken. It's stuff like this that makes me look at everything in a different light.
  4. NikolaT

    I wrote a book!

    Dude that's awesome! I checked out the preview and it's not my type of literature, but it's still cool that you actually managed to get it on the market
  5. NikolaT

    Pumpkin Contest

    Time to employ the good ol' GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH.
  6. NikolaT

    I'm Officially 21 4:53 minutes ago.

    Congratulations... but I was never a fan of excessive drinking and probably never will be.
  7. NikolaT

    Where did Nuclear go?

    Maybe he's a soldier?
  8. NikolaT

    AMD FX-8120

    I'd recommend the i5 2400S - I have it and it's REALLY quiet and runs cool. The power draw is also low considering I can run anything CPU bound at its maximum potential.
  9. NikolaT

    XFX Contest

    That's quite considerate!
  10. NikolaT

    XFX Contest

    I wouldn't mind a new PSU, which translates to MANIPULATE THE CONTEST TOWARDS MY FAVOR AND YOU GET A GREAT GIFT.
  11. NikolaT

    The cut off age for Trick-or-Treating?

    Going door to door begging for tooth decay is probably a bit immature for those in or passed highschool. But dressing up and halloween parties - NEVER STOP!
  12. It's looking pretty good for the price.
  13. NikolaT

    Steve Jobs funeral to be protested

    Yeah... the Apple jokes aren't very funny when they're made on behalf of a man who was brilliant and subsequently dead. The WBC pisses me off. There is nothing normal or rational about what they do - freedom of speech shouldn't mean they can piss all over our service members and now departed pioneers.
  14. NikolaT

    Steve Jobs Has Died...

    I don't like Apple but that man was a pioneer - I respected him up till now and I will respect his memory equally. RIP.
  15. NikolaT

    Heroes of Newerth, League of legends, Dota

    LoL seems like a "fail copy" of DotA because it's just that - it's much more original than HoN ever will be. Gameplay can only be accurately judged if you've played the game for more than a minute. Also, LoL is finely balanced. There are some champions that are a bit stronger than others at time but it's all regulated very quickly.