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    » Cooler Master Storm Scout mid-size case » Asus Sabertooth X58 Motherboard » Intel i7 950 3.06GHz (not OC'd) » Corsair H70 water-cooled CPU heatsink » Corsair Tri-Channel XMS3 DDR3-1600 3X2GB » 2x XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB DDR5 (CROSSFIRE) » Corsair HX650W Modular PSU » 2x OCZ Vertex 30GB Solid state Drive (Raid 0) » WD 1TB Caviar Black (for Media/Games) » WD 1TB Caviar Green (for backup) » Samsung SH-B083L Blu-Ray ROM/DVD Writer » Zalman ZM-MFC1 Plus 6 Fan-controller
  1. esberelias

    Remembering Verran Contest

    I've never had the privilege of meeting/talking to Ryan. But after reading all your wonderful comments about him i wish i have and he indeed sounds like an amazing person. Good luck to all in the contrast and this is a great way to honor Ryan.
  2. esberelias

    Recovery...Help :(

    too late and hopefully i won't need these programs again. ever
  3. esberelias

    Recovery...Help :(

    I did manage to get some of my pictures/personal videos (no not porn lol) back using O&O DiskRecovery... it was actually the only program that found something but Yes indeed i did learn the hard way but i went and bought a external HDD now for back up's now...i can't configure it in RAID 1 because it's a caviar green and different size anyways so my plan is just to installed SyncToy and set up a task for it to run every morning @ like 4 AM when i'm sleeping and it wont disturb me while I'm working or gaming...plus that way i won't lost write performance.... unless there is another program i can use for auto back up... but i've set SyncToy up for a lot of my buddies and they swear by it plus it's free from Microsoft .
  4. esberelias

    Recovery...Help :(

    I actually managed to get some pictures and videos back but all have gibberish names but i will take what i can get! but after i'm all sudden down i'm setting up a RAID 1...I can not afford having this happen to me again Thanks for your help thou and good luck to ya and the FTP site situation :S
  5. esberelias

    I'm Stupid

    That's why a high end PSU are nice...auto . off...soo anything like that happens it just turns off the PSU and doesn't hurt anything.... but i was pretty sure all PSU had that feature?... I guess not yours :S
  6. esberelias

    Recovery...Help :(

    Noo i didn't install the programs on the drive.... BUT when the windows restore started it restored it on the 1 TB so some data is defiantly lost.... I mean movies, games, music i'm not too worried about...because music i have most of the good stuff on my 120 iPod which i can just rip back to the PC....movies...screw it i'll just get netflix lol and games i can re download/buy... but my pictures i've had pictures since like 98 that's all i want back Soo i've tried: Recover My Files Recover Lost Data EasyRecovery Professional Handy Recovery Data Recovery Wizard Professional 4.3.6 File Scavenger 3.0 O&O DiskRecovery lol soo in other words...I'm screwed haha Umm the O&O program actually found SOME files on my drive...and i mean i'll take what i can get right....
  7. esberelias

    Recovery...Help :(

    Hey guys, so it was time for me to clean my OCZ Vertex SSD's since i'm running them in RAID 0 config. and TRIM does not support RAID. Every few months i wipe the drives individually (diskpart, clean, sanitary erase) and than all i do is restore the back up image i have made within windows 7. My problem is i have 2 more drives in my computer a 1 TB with all my data on. Another 500 gigs just for games or what ever. after configuring/creating my SSD in a RAID array again, I booted into my windows 7 CD...hit "repair my computer" and loaded up my image i want to restore BUT i never hit EXCLUDE THESE DRIVES so it wiped out my 1 TB and 500 gig hard drives also put my restore image on my 1 TB :'(. I've installed over 15 recovery programs and have managed to get my 500 gig data back (which i don't care about) but CAN NOT get my data recovered from my 1 TB because windows made a partition on it....can someone help me out with a name of a GOOD recovery program or because my drive was written over is all my data now gone?? Thanks in advance.
  8. esberelias

    Newegg open box build????

    I wouldn't trust open box HDD's..and if they are defective u'd have to go throu the whole processes of sending it back and what not..and are fairly cheap now a days new..just bought a 1 TB seagate for 87 bucks....any ways just my 2 cents...
  9. esberelias

    What brand memory do you use?

    I went with Mushkin...read some really good reviews about them and were fairly priced
  10. esberelias


    what do you guys think about TX-3??? i read some good reviews about it.... i'm just using basic thermal compound that came with my zalman heatsink
  11. esberelias

    Newbie to OC'n.... :)

    well i manged to keep it at 2.6GHz and VCORE down to 1.1V anything under that i get blue screen of death gotta love those Asus boards thou...you can save a O.C profile so if you mess up...u just reload it! first time i ever owned a Asus board...i was a really big Intel fan before!
  12. esberelias

    Newbie to OC'n.... :)

    I've Managed to get my core speed to about 2.6GHz and seems to be stable...also brought down my VCORE down to 1.3V...could I drop the vcore down a little bit more? what do you guys think?
  13. esberelias

    Newbie to OC'n.... :)

    Thanks a lot for the replies fellas... I just decreased the vcore down to 1.4V and it's still running good; thanks Flibo for the advice. I checked out that thread rourkchris gave me and your right it did help a lot so thanks! Wevsspot no i haven't touched the nb voltage it's still on auto. again I appreciate all the replies.
  14. esberelias

    Newbie to OC'n.... :)

    Hey Guys, First and foremost my name is Elias Esber From Edmonton, AB. I am new to overclockersclub also to over clocking. Been working with computers pretty much my whole life. love it and i am also a technician that does computer/server/printer/networking installs for various types of major companies and banks. I was planning on updating my system for a while now and i finally got around to doing it. I used to have an Intel board DP965LT with a dual core processor and a 1 TB HDD, 4 gigs of ram (just the reg. kingston 667 MHz) and that was pretty much my computer. I'm not really a major gamer or anything but i use my computer mostly for multimedia (streaming video's to my xbox, burning, watching video's,listening to music, emails and now overclockersclub.com any ways you get the idea. long story short (too late it's already long i know lol sorry ) My budget was limited so i went with this setup; Asus P5Q Deluxe Mobo Corsair HX520W Modular PSU Mushkin XP2-8500 2x2GB DDR2 RAM 1066MHz Two OCZ Vertex 32GB Solid State Drives running RAID 0 (Just operating and programs) Nvidia 7300 GS <--nothing special...but does the job for now.... Samsung 200GB HDD (Internal) just for temp storage/downloads and what not WD 1 TB HDD (external for storage) Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.13GHz <-- i know i could of done better than that...but it was a good price ) Zalman CNPS 10X Extreme Heatsink LG DVD/CD writer That Ladies and Gentleman is my currect computer setup....Case is just your everyday case...nothing fancy about it. Now the reason for my post is because i would like to learn about Overclocking.... did some research and got an idea about OC'ing.... but couldn't find anyone with the P5Q Deluxe with an E6400 chip overclocked. but 've manged to get my CPU from 2.13 GHz to 2.4 GHz STABLE did all kinds of stress tests using OCCT and CPU temps always stay below 50