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  1. Jezza


    Personally, I would advise you to check out the ubuntu wiki, rather than just download the gfx drivers yourself, they have x.org extenstions in their apt repositorty that should get it working. Also, if you're a newbie to linux, I would suggest you lookthrough synaptic and look up anything that you might want. If you use MSN Messenger, I would suggest aMSN as an alternative, IMO it's the better of them all. Learn how to use apt-get, too. It is your best friend, lol.
  2. Jezza

    Fedora Install Probs.

    what DO you have? why isn't what you have a true dual-boot? It's always easier to put the linux bootloader on the MBR of the primary boot device in this situation.
  3. Jezza

    Future Rig

    Just get one fo the 580w Tagan PSUs, I've seen them trounce all others in so many PSU shoot-outs it's unbelievable
  4. I assume those aren't your linux partitions? You will need to manually mount them in /etc/fstab sudo gedit /etc/fstab currently, it would seem that you mounted them (or automounted them) with read permissions for root only.
  5. Jezza

    Kde Won't Start

    erm... If you know anything about the command line, checking out the info here: might help you Creating Partitions and filesystems Or most likely, this one: Creating Users In the second one, it creates a user, with or without a hime directory with the name of lfs, just change the group and user names to whatever you want. That should help.http:
  6. Yeah, it does, it uses grub.
  7. The ATi cards usually need the fglrx kernel module for X installing too, regardless on distro. It was a lot easier on my ubuntu box than any other distro I've used before, though. One thing I have learned in the past, is that sometmes, a good n00b distro is the last thing you need. I used Mandrake for five or so years and when I moved away from it, I realised I knew little more than I did whe I started, I didn't know how to configure fstab, or dhcpd, Mandrake does it all for you, and while that's nice, if you don't want to tinker, it doesn't help you learn the workings of linux. I'm looking at Linux From Scratch at the moment, but I'll have to wait for a new testing machine I can't afford the downtime if I screw up!!
  8. Jezza

    Versions Of Linux

    I was never keen on Mandriva, I used it for years, all because of it's nice gui installer and the MCC. Now I use ubuntu, to be honest, the only bit of the installer that you need to think about is the partitioning, and you can do that frmo windows so you don't have to think asmuch anyway.
  9. Jezza

    Debian Install

    you might need to use a different firmware with your modem. I have the ST 330 Rv4 and needed a new firmware for it to work. Try the instructions Here for help.
  10. Jezza

    Which Mp3 Player?

    OK Guys. The only problem there is that you didn't read my original post... Neither iPod or Archos GMinis play OGG Vorbis files!!! I need my mp3 player to play those, too
  11. Jezza

    Which Mp3 Player?

    OK, I've saved up a bit of money for an mp3 player, but I would like it to play OGG Vorbis files aswell. I would need about 15Gb on the HDD. I have no idea what to buy, though. I have looked through the page on ogg hardware at xiph.org Foundation Vorbis Hardware Website but it seems to be a little out of date, as I can't find most of these products on eBay UK. Could anyone suggest a good portable music player that will play mp3 and ogg files please?
  12. Jezza

    Pulling My Hair Out!

    Ahhh, well, I have my NTFS volume mounted read only. I have a fat32 one aswell, that I use mv with. I never really followed NTFS write support, since, as long as I kept all the folders I was moving stuff into on the fat32 drive, things were all gravy.
  13. Jezza

    I Need An Instant Messaging Program

    are you installing from a suse repository, or compiling from source? It's almost always best to install from a repository. On a debian based distro, the command would normally be sudo apt-get install gaim But then, SuSe has YAST, and I'm not sure if that controlls all the stuff like that. I never used SuSe If not, check out amsn.sourceforge.net and download the lastest CVS snapshot. You will need tcl and tk 8.4 dev files installed, but aside from that, I think it's pretty light on dependencies.
  14. Jezza

    Pulling My Hair Out!

    Linux doesn't have a C: D: E: drive structure. So moving from one drive to another isn't as big a deal as it might seem. My computer has windows on one drive, ubuntu on another and my /home partition on another. Now, my windows files are in /mount/windows so to move something from my windows drive to my home partition, I just cd into the directory and type mv filename /home/james it does actually move the files between physical drives, but linux doesn't always make that distinction. Hope this helps
  15. Jezza

    Windows Vs Linus

    Not even that, if you don't like it, chances are, someone else didn't and has already changed the code. Too many people talk like this and scare alot of potential users away, as you make it sound like you have to re-write the OS to change anything, rather than just rightclicking on the desktop and going to "configure desktop".