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  1. Well I think I did some of the tests right, it does appear that the PSU was the problem, I wasn't 100% sure so I am just going to RMA the PSU and Motherboard, I just wanted to figure out exactly what happened, if it was my fault or just a wierd coincidence that this all happened while running a stress test...oh well, either way maybe I will just do a mild overclock when I get all my parts back, just to be safe.
  2. Wow thanks for the quick replies! Anywho I reassembled the computer twice just to make sure I wasn't missing something, and everything checked out. As far as I know there isn't a light that indicates power to the motherboard, unless it is part of the power button on the motherboard...I never actually checked to see if it lit up, there is a debug LED but I doubt that would indicate power. I have tried to take everything out with the exception of the cpu to see if it would even start to power on, nothing there either, I would love to use a different power supply but I moved to a different state recently and left all my old computer stuff back there, I have nothing, and everyone I live with, which is basically everyone I know here either has a laptop or a mac (eww I know) and the mac has...a 22 pin atx connector? Wierd. Sorry if this sounds sort of noobish but for the shorting of the green and black wires, do I do it with the black wire right next to the green wire? There are several black wires, and I should make sure everything else is disconnected before doing that too I assume, and it wont damage the power supply if it's still functional will it? Ok I think that's all for noob questions. Well thanks again for the help!
  3. Hey all, new to these forums and I have come seeking your help if you would be so kind as to offer some advice =) So I just built my computer a few days ago...here are the specs Intel i7 920 Antec Truepower New 750w Scythe Mugen 2 using Arctic Silver 5 Cooler Master CM-690 6gb Corsair @7-7-7-20 AsRock x58 Extreme Radeon 5870 Those are the basic specs of the computer. So anyways I decided to try my hand at overclocking, never done it before, built many systems before but never attempted overclocking, it looked fun and beneficial to do so I figured I would try it. Anywho I had my BCLK upto 190 and my voltage upto 1.35, it booted into windows at lower voltages but would crash prime95. So after I got to this point I was running prime95 for probably around 20-30 minutes and the computer just shuts off, and nothing I do powers it on again. At first I thought I might have fried my CPU, I didn't think so since it was only upto 1.35v at 76C max load, which may be a bit hot but still acceptable for the CPU, so I got a replacement for that, didn't do anything. So I was able to rule out everything except for the Power Supply or the Motherboard. I can occasionally get it to power on for maybe a fraction of a second but that's it, resetting the CMOS did nothing so I am left a bit confused, and angry! I have been on this lame laptop for 4 years I wanted to be done with it haha. Anywho if anyone could help me I greatly appreciate it, thanks all!
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