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  1. 1. Try to keep all sales to 1 thread 2. how come this thread has more pics than your thread made specially for the lian-li?
  2. I don't think the OP is sticking around anymore... maybe we should just let this dieing thread fall to the bottom... I keep coming back to say "oh yea, this guy... (alt left)", happened twice today.
  3. NCIX has a 9600gso ASUS for $40 after MIR. $3 ground shipping promo, too
  4. I'll join the "part it out" wagon, I'd be interested in the psu if you ship to toronto
  5. Argh if I didn't have a gtx260 and 780 being shipped to me at this very moment I'd jump on that deal! fyi ncix was selling it for $125 after MIR this week. Exact same model too lol
  6. Some guy is offering a q6600 for sale for a pretty low price, doesn't sound too legit , but something did spark my curiosity... does anyone know what those bumps are on the back of the cpu? I remember reading about those bumps somewhere, but forgot, and now not even google can help me find it again lol. Also, does anyone know why or how his cpu could have gotten to that state, and will it affect performance? Thanks.
  7. hey hey hey, I woulda bought that gtx260 too. lucky No seriously I woulda, I'm not mocking you... If only I knew I would be getting a 780i, then ofc I'd get a 2nd gtx260 lol I gave ekiM an echeque since I'm not old enough for debit/credit, guess I'll have to wait 2 weeks...
  8. I've never actually bent a pin before, I've had 2 amd cpu's and 1 socket 478 P4, all with a buncha pins. I've even dropped a 720 on my desk when I took it out of the plastic thingy (it works like a mini cpu slingshot when you open it) but I never touch my pins with my fingers. I guess it'd be nice if amd replaced it and gave you a brand new cpu, but that would be totally against their warranty and tell everyone that when we buy amd stuff we not only pay for the cpu and colourful packaging, we also pay for free replacement cpu's given to other people let me know if they replace it for you, if they do, I'll go to my nearest DICE store, place a chunk directly on the ihs, hope it doesn't fry, and then send it in for an rma If the pin fell off, drop the pin broken pin in the the socket and then drop the cpu right above it, very simple and logical thing to do. No need to ruin a veteran P4
  9. What? It says I'm in Canada. I know home depot is expensive, that's what I said earlier. I know monoprice is so cheap and awesome and all that, but it only applies to americans that enjoy their stupidly low shipping rate. I gotta pay 80 bucks to get a 1000ft spool up the border.
  10. yea I know, I would like to get some cat6a but no one sells spools of cat6a in bulk that I know of... trying to prepare for 10gbit. I'm just gonna assume fiber optics aren't gonna take over for quite some while... I was on monoprice and had my entire cart filled - I thought they would have a canadian warehouse outlet since they had a canadian shipping option... turned out I was wrong, spent half an hour finding the perfect crimper, a pci-sata card for my parents' old P4, a pack of heads and a 1000foot spool of cat6 (didn't have cat6a), then I got to checkout. Punched in my postal code... $80 shipping <_< Then punched in a randeom 5 digit number, and guess what... shipping $10 Sooooo, does anyone know any canadian retailers where I can buy this kinda stuff? Checked Home Depot and by the looks of it all they have are a few crimpers and a pack of over-priced rj45 heads. NCIX is also fairly overpriced... monoprice is awesome but the shipping isn't...
  11. 710's aren't the best OCers, you may have a bad one like I did. Mine got to 3.2, then it started to get unstable... 780g chipset, maybe had something to do with that. Anyways, I sold it
  12. The following advice is for someone who won't cry in the extremely unlikely case that their cpu dies: -set voltage to 1.55 or 1.50, reboot and make sure it doesn't bsod. You can go as high as you want as long as your cpu is stable at such voltages, and you're alright with the voltage, meaning you're alright with the amount of stress on your cpu and the heat produced/electricity used -fsb 200, bump multi up, boot windows and restart, rinse and repeat until you bsod. Back off half a multi or a multi, occt or linpack for as long as you feel necessary, if data integrety is not crucial (not a home server or anything, only programs and games no data), you can do with a single hour of OCCT. -If you like, you can start moving up your fsb to tweak it even further... but I don't bother with fsb unless I'm running OCable memory like OCZ Reapers. -Have fun -1.5v is generally considered 'extreme but fairly safe' voltage for 45nano's, 1.6 and it dies after a day of stressing. Some guys ran some high end c2q 45nm at 1.6vcore for a day and it died. Use 1.6vcore if you've got a twkr and some LN2 lol
  13. Hi I'm looking for a new power supply, I've got a TX750 on mind, but I'd take any high wattage psu with plenty of amps for 12V. Must be able to run 2xgtx260's, so around 60 amps or so for 12V. I will be paying in CAD with paypal. Please let me know the usage history of the psu, exact model number, and price. Keep in mind shipping will be to Toronto Ontario. Thanks
  14. which is backwards compatible with dx10
  15. ok I'll check home depot, but I thought they sold home hardware as in chunks of wood and stuff lol. I'll google up how to use a phone book in a sec lol
  16. If it's crucial that you get the correct temp, you can get an infrared temperature reader thingy at canadian tire for 20 bucks or something. My dad has one and I use it all the time it also makes a cool beeping sound lol
  17. Hi guys I would like to start making my own cables, does anyone know a store where I can buy -a bunch of rj-45 heads -rolls of solid and utp cable, hopefully cat6a or cat7 -a crimp that won't break after using 2 times please suggest a Canadian store, having a location in Toronto is a plus. also, does anyone know when the next standard is going to come to end consumers, as in 10 000baseT (10gbit/s)? I don't want to run a bunch of cable through my dad's walls just too see it being obsolete 3 months later lol. I only got into the whole networking thing recently, it seems as if cat6 is about to be replaced soon for 10gbit/s, shame that my clumsy father didn't upgrade earlier
  18. Yea that's what I thought when I first started ubuntu, everything is command line... well, it's not. You think it is, because the advice you're received refers to the terminal, so that it can apply to more than just ubuntu. You can simply read the information given in the command line, and execute it with a gui. For example, to uncompress a file, use the archive manager (distros have different managers, so they refer to terminal for compatibility). If they tell you to install something, search up that same item in the package manager. If they tell you to create folders and stuff, simply type in the terminal "sudo nautilus", which is a short and sweet command. 'sudo' gives the command you're running super user powers, which is like run as admin in this crappy OS called windows. 'nautilus' is the default file browser in ubuntu, and sudo gives nautilus super powers so you can do anything, and won't be limited by permissions, so you don't have to use the command prompt to do simple and stupid things like creating and deleting folders lol. You may also want to change the permissions in the Properties tab, so you don't have to go sudo next time
  19. that gtx260 woulda been perfect with my bfg gtx260 and that 780i lol how much for the 780i? if you've got any ddr2 memory for sale, i'll take them off your hands too lol. maybe i'm lucky and you'll even have a combo discout for me lol
  20. err i think I may buy the e8400, do you have a 775 mobo to go with it by any chance? Looking around for a cheap OCable lga775 mobo right now lol
  21. I'm interested in the 2x256mb ddr1 pc memory. Confused about shipping, lower 48? Do you mean 48 states? I'm in Toronto Canada, how much would shipping cost? Thanks sorry for the huge bump... lol
  22. That gtx260 is soooooooo tempting for me but I'm restraining myself, gotta get a hd5750! Or maybe a girlfriend for my bfg wouldn't be too bad... arghhh!!! and free shipping to canada too!!! ekiM, you're evil...
  23. then get a hyper 212+. Or, you can save your money and ramp up your stock fan to max in BIOS, and see if that has any effect, if you haven't done so already
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