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  1. I seen a case mod online once and now i cannot find it... Can anyone help. The case had a skull coming out of the front of it with a blue light emmiting from the skull mouth.
  2. I have one of these cases and as said before they are a good buy. You can pick one up for under 100 bucks on the web. They come with 3 to 4 fans and have very good airflow. One nice feature that I particularly like is that they have a mount for a fan that blows air onto the hard drive(s). I would recommend the case!
  3. Can someone help me get this bad boy overclocked. Specs. Antec soho case Abit KR7A-133R AMD 1700 XP Artic Silver 3 CoolerMaster Hcc-002 HeatSink 2 Maxtor 40 GB RAID 0 G3 Ti200 Need some Help Guys !!! Please
  4. I have a Spacewalker (shuttle) HOT-681v and a celeron 466. I was going to get my feet wet in the overclocking business since this computer is fairly old and my cost of loss will be minimized. Any help in the project would be greatly appericiated
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