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  1. Honest question, can u use macros for the ultra combos??? like use a g15 keyboard and macro the retardedly long combos? i heard that some keyboards let u add pauses between the macros so that should help surely
  2. PC ftw!!!1... i used to play consoles, then i met team fortress 2 on pc...
  3. thank you guys, and yea im on a budget lol... its the 5870 thats makin me switch to p55 lol....
  4. hae guys im really stuck between the i7 860 and 920... il only be gaming on the rig and i wont be OCing to like 4ghz or something, i would likely oc to mayb 3.6Ghz.... the 860 is cheaper overall and still supports the hyper threading like the 920, the only downside seems to be the triple channel memory.. as a gamer is triple channel memory really necessary??? i plan on runnin a single graphics card for now (5870)... but maybe in 3 years time go for CF.
  5. the reason for me picking the i7 920 is because for me it is cheaper than the 860 and it should prevent me buying a new mobo when the 6core processors come out, which apparently run on lga1366.... besides its only going to be like a $100 more... id rather spend a bit more now and save later.. my dad said he would help me out a little so yea... o i already chose a ram but forgt to write it, its the OCZ Reaper HPC 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3-1800 Triple Channel CL8 il probably be using a 21inch screen.. not really sure wat the resolution is :S
  6. haha thanx for the advice though
  7. haha i was leaning towards the 5870 anyways but the reason for me starting this thread was because quite a lot of website show that the 4870x2 is actually outdoing the 5870 at higher res (1900x1200). and i mite be able to get a cheaper 4870x2 depending one my dad hahaha. i am also considering a 4890 vapor-x 2gb at [email protected] 1050 i think it is.... not really sure... this one is literally half the price so mayb i should CF them????? still, the whole future proofing thing is probably gona make me buy the 5870... thanx for ur help guys
  8. hae guys, im doing a new build and was wondering which card to go for... im gona be using an i7 920 the 4870x2 is about $50NZD more than the 5870, so yea i want to be able to use the card for atleast 3years before resorting to CF... il probably be gaming at 1900 at 1080 so yea...
  9. haha will do lol i think i finally have a build that should be good (third times the charm) : cpu: Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz 8MB 1333MHz LGA1366 mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R Intel X58 DDR3 PCI-E LGA1366 graphics: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5850 GDDR5 1GB PCI-E HDD:Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200.12 32MB SATA II psu: CoolerMaster 650W eXtreme Power Plus SLi Silent 12CM Fan case: Thermaltake v9 Gaming Case this build barely fits my budget One more thing, what do u guys think about gtx260 2way SLI over the 5850, because its still $125 cheaper than ONE 5870!!!!
  10. hae billy im considering a 500w psu since 600 isnt gona be enough for CF but its more than one 5870 needs so yea, jus wana save some $$ lol il be buying this most liekly in early Jan, so hopefully prices go down haha. thanx a lot premiumgfx appreciate ur hard work The Gskill ripjaws from pardigrampc is cheaper and is CL8 so i think il go for that. *sigh* all these things considered, im still wondering if i should get i7 920, with a 2gb 4890 for now... then eventually CF another 2gb 4890 or a 5870... coz i would rather have a faster cpu than a gpu since gpu can be CF'd.... budget is really putting pressure on me to get best bang for buck and last me a while.
  11. OMFG! thank u so much for the heads up!... random q: will dx11 be better if the cpu had hyper threading? coz apparently parts of dx11 can be run on seperate threads... i dont wana spend more money for the i7 850 jus for that... id rather stick to the i5 and still get 5870
  12. O i think this mobo would work out better because it has 2PCI slots at x16 slots but only one runs at x16 while the other is at x8 , but its still better than the previous board i chose which also had 2 PCI slots with one at x16 and one at x4.... so yea lol mobo: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4 ATX LGA1156 (hmm im really liking gigabyte, good price to feature ratio lol) Wow dude nice choice of monitor, very nice spec. What do u think about this one: http://www.nzoczone.com/product_info.php?c...oducts_id=42885
  13. premiumgfx thanx for the quote, but those parts look overpriced.. im using nzoczone.com and pbtech.co.nz for parts what is the difference between the i5 and i7 , i really have no idea lol (im so new to this). O and about the 6core, when is that releasing, because if it is going to be in 3yrs or something i mite aswell go for the i7 now and use the same mobo.. or will i need a diff mobo???? however the prospect of having a 58xx card is very tempting indeed What types of OC can u guys get with the i5 with stock cooling??? coz if its around 3Ghz then i think i might aswell save some money and go for that since im not really so hardcore.... i jus wana play games on high for atleast 2 yrs haha.. another question guys. what monitor would u suggest, im sorta looking at 22inch no bigger.... would b good if under $250-300 NZD .... the prices for the RAM 1.Gskill ripjaw 4gb kit 8-8-8-21 at 1333 : $141 +gst NZD 2.OCZ intel i7 3gb kit , 8-8-8-20 (1333) : $90 +gst NZD So if i was to go i5, this is what i have : Cpu: Intel Core i5 750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz 8MB LGA1156 Mobo: ASUS P7P55D PRO Intel P55 Chipset ATX LGA1156 Ram: Gskill ripjaw 4gb kit 8-8-8-21 at 1333 Graphics: Sapphire HD5870 1GB DDR5 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200.12 SATA2 300 NCQ 32MB 7200RPM Hard Drive PSU: Corsair 620W HX-620 ATX Modular Power Supply, 120mm fan Case : Thermaltake v9 The thing is, if i was to opt for the 5870--i wont be able to afford the i7 but downgrading to i5 means i can get a 5870 lol So do u guys reckon this new build is good???? It adds up to $2,025 NZD Since im only gona be doing gaming on this pc (no vid editing etc ) do i need hyper threading?? the main purpose of this pc is to run CoD: MW2, Starcraft 2, daiblo 3 and borderlands hahaha. O and MASS EFFECT 2 (first one was freakin sweet )
  14. or the OCZ intel i7 3gb kit , 8-8-8-20 (1333) and its $50 cheaper
  15. is there any particular reason the 5850 is clocked at 750, 1000??? and is spending $200 more for the 5850 really worth it? mainly because il never use 3 monitors for gaming. i may use 2 but thats for study etc. surely the 2GB 4890 will hold out for 3yrs atleast?? o btw for the ram im considering the Gskill ripjaw 4gb kit 8-8-8-21 at 1333
  16. o and btw do u think a 5870 will fit in a thermltake v9???? coz its cheaper than the haf 922. and im jus trying to make compromises in order to stay around the $1800-1900 range hehe... coz tax is an extra $200
  17. thanx a lot guys im considering the haf 922 over the scout now.. um im a student and therefore on a budget so yea i guess the 4890 will suffice for a few more years atleast, then il jus CF another one or something thank you for u advise on ram since i really had no idea wat to go for haha.
  18. hae guys, im planin on building a new gaming rig at the end of the year or mayb sooner and i have these parts in mind. the price for this rig is $1800NZD cpu: intel core i7 920 2.66GHz mobo: gigabyte EX58-UD3R memory: corsair xms3 6GB kit @ 9-9-9-24 graphics card: vapor-x hd4890 2gb @ 880, 1050 HDD: Hitachi 1Tb Deskstar 7200RPM 16mb cache PSU: coolermaster silent pro m600 600W optical drive: some generic dvd writer case: coolermaster storm scout im not really sure about a seperate cpu cooler mainly because i only plan on overclocking to 3.0-3.2GHz and i have read that the stock cooler is fine for that
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