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  1. yea i dd, they seem relatively even, so down to package i guess.... hardwareknucks said that most of the software included with the rampage is crap.. so idk, however the rampage looks very nice imo.. but i mite go with the LE i think coz i like the look of full size mobos EDIT: never mind strike that, the rampage is soo much better comapred to the LE in terms of voltages and overclocking!
  2. i have three choices of mobo for the i7 920 atm. i chose uATx coz its cheaper and i dont need tri sli/cf support for now 1. asus rampage ii gene $ 469 NZD 2. evga x58 sli micro $ 419 NZD 3. evga x58 sli LE $ 459 NZD ( i know its not micro but the dream of eventually having 3 5850s would be cool) by the way does the evga support crossfire?
  3. but wat about future proof-eness, x58> p55 surely
  4. i was actually thinking mobo would be better since, im a novice OCer so all help would be beneficial and i dont plan on goin more than 2 cards anyway... and i think the 5850 is powerful enough for me for atleast 1.5 years... then il jus CF
  5. if u had to make a compromise between motherboard and GPU, which would u pick? in this case mobo: asus rampage ii gene vs gpu: hd5870
  6. u can do ati + nvidia???? i thought the drivers prevented that or something... plz explain
  7. that is a rediculous build.. im struggling to stick within my $2200NZD budget and im only getting the i7 920!!! how much is that rig costing you??? o and have u considered xfiring the 5870 or maybe waiting for the 5870x2?? just a thought
  8. 5870 seems a bit overkill personally.. the difference seems minimal... OCing a bit achieves same thing lol (close anyway) but hopefully after christmas price goes down
  9. hae cjloki, i know its unrelated but do u notice a performance hit by running CF on the p55 board at x8????? becuase if it is very minimal then you would have jus helped me buy the the i7 860 over the 920 i eventually plan on CF-ing 2 5850s if this post isnt supposed to be here, then can someone move it to the appropriate place please? im new here so i dont really know how to lol
  10. ROFL @ tacohunter ... i was jus reading and though to myself "how bad could it possibly be" and then that ..... lol na jk... no pics atm, but hopefully wen ive finished the build nice rigs btw guys
  11. um... cpu : $539 mobo: $379 ram: $179 hdd: $136 psu: $160 graphics: $739..... considering switching to x58 platform and getting the 5850 then eventually getting CF so yea, performace doesnt seem to take to much of a hit, idk, advice please case: $200 TOTAL: $2300 NZD x58 option is: cpu: i7 920 $509 mobo: Gigabyte x58 UD3R $329 ram: OCZ platinum 3gb 1600mhz cl7 $139 HDD: 1tb segate baracuda $136 graphics: HIS 5850 $549 psu: antec earthwatts 750w $230 case: CM storm scout $160 disk drive: liteon ihos BD drive $150 TOTAL: $2200 NZD
  12. haha same thing happend to me however i chose to keep the 5870 and downgraded to an i7 860, coz i still wanted the hyper threading but ddnt really need triple channel memory since im only going to be gaming... maybe u should look into it, reviews show that the i7 860 is actually better than the 920 so yea.. just a thought
  13. Awesome build!... good choice of case i might add, IMO the sniper case is probably one of CMs best cases... have u considered the 5870 over the 5850??
  14. how does this look: cpu : i7 860 mobo: asus maximus iii gene ram: gskill ripjaws 4gb cl8 1600mhz hdd: 1tb segate baracuda 7200rpm psu: coolermaster extreme power plus 650w (its atx but it doesnt really matter right?) graphics : HIS5870 case: HAF 922
  15. the 922 seems to have a higher build quality though
  16. haha, wat u guys think about the the lancool pc-k 62... it looks very nice.. and its $200 NZD. comes with 2x 140mm top fans, 140mm front fan, and 120mm rear fan... better than the haf 922 i think? http://www.computerlounge.co.nz/components...sp?partid=10170 minimalist yet cool
  17. yes, yes i am, auckland to be specific
  18. Ph4n

    New Build

    +1 for the CM v8, looks very 1337.. as does the thermalright ultra..
  19. the 922 is around $200 NZD and the scout is approximately 170 NZD, so yea... il jus wait for a sale then get the 922 i guess, looks quite nice too, i know its not related but, any recommendations for cpu coolers for the lga1156 socket?
  20. o cool, looking into the haf 922 now lol my mate has a v9, and he ddint have problems, maybe its a one off thing idk... but il most likely get the scout since it is cheaper.... it can handle the 5870 right??
  21. yea, im considering the scout, and the antec 900.
  22. hi guys, im not really sure what case to go for--the components for my pc are cpu: i7 860 2.8ghz (maybe oc to 3.6) mobo: msi gd65 graphics: hd 5870 psu: hx650 im currently looking at the thermaltake v9, thermaltake armour +mx, CM storm scout, HAF 922 i would very much like to stay under the $200 NZD mark. i dont plan on using liquid cooling.
  23. so to some extent its like an "anti-suck" feature, tahts so cheap its cool
  24. o yea thanx, that made me look into the i7 860 which is very similar to the 920 and cheaper.... going for the 860 allows me enough cash to get the 5870 so thats great lol...
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