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  1. a lot of people that got this for PC went into it half knowing that the p2p system was going to be a huge problem for the game but still wanted to get it because it was a call of duty title.



    A lot of people got it because the first game was very good and because there was nothing else worth playing online; FPS anyway.

  2. Yeah, thats what I was trying to get at, but failed miserably at explaining it...


    I personally don't use any of the exploits, although I did use the care package 'glitch' for a while just for the hell of it. But yea if you have decent skill; the game isn't too hard. Running around with a silenced ump45 is too much fun for me, so I don't use anything else (other than the intervention)


    IMO the only thing you need in hardcore is an ACR + red dot... that gun has like 0 recoil.



    Just hold out until Bad Company IMO--I'm currently playing the beta and I must say, it mops the floor with MW2. :)

  3. Finding exploits in games is what makes you a pro though.. Taking every advantage possible, w/o modifing the game or input--if you get what I'm trying to say..

    For example, take the M16 (MW2), that thing kills in 1 burst to the chest with FMJ and Stopping power--that is abuse, rather than cheating... If you can beat guys that use that, then you are more skilled.


  4. We all know that they don't even care, and I doubt its going to change (unless everyone sells their consoles and buys a pc). Just deal with it until Bad Company 2 releases, maybe the shift of crowd towards Bad Company 2 might make them consider dedicated servers. One can hope....

  5. I dont really care about the wire on the keyboard but wired mice are a nuisance, you can always feel it and it often catches on stuff.



    Depends on how u setup your desk :P


    Using a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 + Diamondback 3G, works great.


    Used to have a wireless mouse, hated it... changing batteries is a bloody chore

  6. like the description says, i5 vs amd 955.


    i5 build:


    intel i5 + gigabyte p55A-ud4p+ dominator 1600 c9 memory= 850 NZD (the i7 860 is around 950 NZD)




    amd 955 BE + crosshair III formula + dominator 1600 c9 memory= 899 NZD



    The amd build is $50 more, so what do u guys think?. i will be running a single 5850 for now, but do plan on CFx in a year or so.


    advice appreciated, thanks :)

  7. hae guys, totally going on a tangent here; but , would it better to save some $$ and get a phenom x4 965 BE?? plz give some advice about what motherboard because i have absolutely no idea what to go for???... i plan on mostly gaming, (maybe little vid editing) and it needs to be easily upgradeable (aka CF or new cpu)

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