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  1. wow, the fenrir is that good? o.O Guess il just go for the megahalems then, look into the mugen 2 too. thanx guys
  2. Looking for a decent cooler for i7 860, will be running stock for a while until i go water cooling in a few years. Would like it to be relatively quiet. I have looked at the Megahalems, but its too expensive
  3. Have you already got a case? If not then may i suggest the Coolermaster Storm Sniper. Very spacious and very good buiild quality--resonable price too
  4. Do u really need the ud7??? I'm sure a lower model will suit you fine if its only for gaming etc
  5. how far can you push w.o water ??? I already have a MSI 5870 so yea.
  6. Might pre order bc2... given I have funds. And for once the pre-order items seem useful, in a FPS anyway.
  7. A lot of people got it because the first game was very good and because there was nothing else worth playing online; FPS anyway.
  8. The n00b tube is pure evil... Ruined the game. period. Its bad enough with just 2 shots but the a**h0lez with scavenger + danger close just drives me insane
  9. Yeah, thats what I was trying to get at, but failed miserably at explaining it... I personally don't use any of the exploits, although I did use the care package 'glitch' for a while just for the hell of it. But yea if you have decent skill; the game isn't too hard. Running around with a silenced ump45 is too much fun for me, so I don't use anything else (other than the intervention) IMO the only thing you need in hardcore is an ACR + red dot... that gun has like 0 recoil. Just hold out until Bad Company IMO--I'm currently playing the beta and I must say, it mops the floor with MW2.
  10. Finding exploits in games is what makes you a pro though.. Taking every advantage possible, w/o modifing the game or input--if you get what I'm trying to say.. For example, take the M16 (MW2), that thing kills in 1 burst to the chest with FMJ and Stopping power--that is abuse, rather than cheating... If you can beat guys that use that, then you are more skilled. IMO
  11. 'Care packaging' was more like an abuse rather than cheating... and it has been patched, just like those stupid akimbo model 1887s
  12. We all know that they don't even care, and I doubt its going to change (unless everyone sells their consoles and buys a pc). Just deal with it until Bad Company 2 releases, maybe the shift of crowd towards Bad Company 2 might make them consider dedicated servers. One can hope....
  13. I've never noticed any haxz0rz in any of my games (I play softcore TDM, Domination, HQ). Maybe I'm just blind. Seen a lot of boosters though >
  14. Depends on how u setup your desk Using a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 + Diamondback 3G, works great. Used to have a wireless mouse, hated it... changing batteries is a bloody chore
  15. +1 I have the diamondback 3g too... upgraded from the old microsoft intellimouse. Loving the Razer, its very comfortable if u have small hands. Got it for $90NZD, not sure about US pricing
  16. computerlounge.co.nz thanks for your intput
  17. like the description says, i5 vs amd 955. i5 build: intel i5 + gigabyte p55A-ud4p+ dominator 1600 c9 memory= 850 NZD (the i7 860 is around 950 NZD) amd: amd 955 BE + crosshair III formula + dominator 1600 c9 memory= 899 NZD The amd build is $50 more, so what do u guys think?. i will be running a single 5850 for now, but do plan on CFx in a year or so. advice appreciated, thanks
  18. lol believe it or not, im planning to upgrade to the exact same build except for the psu (and waiting for prices to drop a bit )... um, u should have a look at the coolermaster storm scout, or HAF 922.
  19. hae guys, totally going on a tangent here; but , would it better to save some $$ and get a phenom x4 965 BE?? plz give some advice about what motherboard because i have absolutely no idea what to go for???... i plan on mostly gaming, (maybe little vid editing) and it needs to be easily upgradeable (aka CF or new cpu)
  20. ye lol.... i mean i could use part of the 640gb hdd to run the os ... cant wait to get my mind destroyed by the hd 5870 runnin on this beast mobo
  21. tyvm for the help... the rampage gene it is then not so keen about the sli micro due to lack of ide port... wana use an old 80gb hdd (ide) for the os lol
  22. does the evga x58 sli LE support 2-way crossfire at x16 x16 or is it only the first slot runnin at x16, with the others splitting the lanes at x8???? i seriously dont understand... plz help.. this is going to be the deciding the factor as to what i pick (rampage ii gene vs evga sli LE)
  23. the more i think about it, 3 way sli jus seems rediculous overkill
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