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  1. @ballist1x It's just like the one you posted almost identical accept there are only 2 ram lane's instead of 4. Im thinking of trashing the thought of flashing the bio's cause im getting a new Mobo and CPU in January.
  2. It's the same mobo like that one instead of having 4 ram slot's it has 2 so i will look for a bio's for gateway and see if it work's...
  3. Well see this is sorta why i went with the 5200+ over the 6000+ was cause it was barly slower and it ran alot cooler and it uses alot less power.The problem with the bio's update is that the Winfast mobo that i have say's its a foxconn if you google it were as CPU-Z say's it's Gateway. SO i dont know if i got with one or the other. SO there is my current situation that i probable wont be able to fix...
  4. Is there anyway i could use Somthing like ntune to overclock abit?
  5. Ok so i got a Athlon 5200+ and i wanna try and get it to 3ghz But my motherboard wont let me for some reason as the Vcore and all that other mumbo jumbo is faded out in the bio's. I currently have a Gateway MCP61SM2MA board and i really dont want to get a new board. SO does anyone have a clue/solution to my problem? If so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me cause i just want to get the feel of O.C before i get my new board and my Phenom II X3 B.E.. cause i wanna be able to pop it in,unlock the 4th core (hopefully) and then start the O.Cin...
  6. You could also go with the 550 BE and unlock and overclock it.. It's 102 USD right now on newegg.
  7. we want price over performance.
  8. That's what i was looking at lol... Same exact card.
  9. Coulden't he go with a 4870 and get about the same power/price ratio as the 5770?
  10. Ok so my friend is Looking to build a new comp but doesn't want to spend a arm and a leg... He already has a CM Storm scout case and was wondering if he can finish the build for less that 450 buck's and still be able to run most steam games at 30-40 fps or better... he does want as much power as he can get but is not looking to build a rig for super-high end game's AKA Crysis... All chip-set's and stuff dont matter just Want's cheap but powerful.
  11. Lol... I just ran this on my mom's comp for S&G and it scored a 257.9.... Man i cant wait till i get mine build...(Still working on getting the money together)
  12. It was alittle dusty. I will get some can-o-air to clean it more later today. Also the purpose of changing the psu was to support the new cpu and ram that's in the mail now... *** The PSU that was having the problem's just died out and it is now in garbage heaven.... Will order a new on soon maybe..***
  13. I checked before i closed it up but ill recheck. It was the original PSU that came with the machine that came out and the new one is one that has been setting in a closet for like 1-2 year's now.
  14. Ok so i just changed out my old 300 watt PSU on my mom's comp for a 450 and withing the last 20 mins it's shut itself off randomly... Just wondering if anyone has any insight into why it might be happening... Also i noticed when i changed them that the board has a 20+4 pin connector slot but was only using a 20 pin.. So with the new one im using all 24 pins,could this be why it's doing it?
  15. I have a 450 watt sitting in my closet that i have never used. Im going to change the PSU out when i change the CPU.
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