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    New PC:
    MSI P55-CD53
    [email protected]
    4GB Kingston 1333
    VTX 5850 1GB
    Chieftec 550W
    Thermaltake V4
    Cooler Master TX3

    Old PC:
    Gigabyte P35-DS3
    [email protected](2700)
    CoolerMaster TX3
    3GB DDR2-800
    Seagate 80GB WD500GB
    Chieftec 450W
    Club3D 4830
  1. my router is N, but devices that i use is G compatibile. sorry for bad english
  2. i recomended Noctua fans (P-Series) or Scythe Gentle Typhoon. quiet and powerfull
  3. commodo intenet security(antivirus & firewall)
  4. i recently watched all 3 svedish movies and 1st part is exellent. my recommendation. find original svdish with swedish language because english synch is not good p.s.sorry for bad english
  5. hi, im proud owner of Noctua C12P SE14. Can i be member no.5? sorry for bad english
  6. hi all, i have problem chosing parts for small home server. i have g6950 CPU and i want small MB with low power consumption. also, some advice for PSU( i will use integrated GPU), i thin something about 150w or 200w. sorry for bad english
  7. and amd will sell gpu inside cpu. one more thing, gpu from cpu will hibrid crossfire with dedicated gpu, thats mean that many people will use that instead of sli sorry for bad english
  8. i recomend Noctua U12 or 14, Prolimatech Megahalem, or Scythe Ninja 3
  9. asus have some am3/am3+ boards.they have 890 chipset sorry for bad english
  10. you can try lower a multi( from 16 to some other) then check temperature with 4 cores in load
  11. I think there is no i7-2500k:) For Gamers 6-8GB of ram is enough. For case I recomended TT V3 or V4 or V9 or....
  12. Me too. Left from mobile phone with qwerty. Need to hold shift for numbers:) sorry for english
  13. No way to do that:) you cant forse me even if u give me all you have:) sorry for bad english
  14. Look for Scythe Ninja 3 its big and good cooler for money. Sorry for bad english
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