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  1. Thanks for that mate but its sold.
  2. Looking for a good LN pot 2.5kg+ must have all the fittings 70mm plus diameter.
  3. lol You have to ask
  4. Looking for 1 or 2 2600ks, But need to be be +55multi chips Will pay good £££
  5. Two more scores for you. This is a std 6950 std shader just OC This one is 6950 unlocked shader and OC
  6. Not that then. Not sure what it is,other than the mobo just bottle necking the data but hope not with that board. Try just 2 Oc (high clocks) No it might be, 2 cards are still going to pull 900watts. If you OC them i would add at least another 100Watts.
  7. Thinking more PSU not core voltage. 3 cards @ stock are going to pull 1350 watts. lol OMG your going to need a 2nd PSU just for the cards. Nice
  8. MMMMmm. Power? I know if you up it just a little bit it takes the wattage up like mad.
  9. lol true. Nice work. Need to open them 580s up and see what that baby will do.
  10. Try and up the voltage and go down on the memory. I found that its clock speed that makes the biggest dif. I get very little from 1300 to 1400.
  11. You have missd me mate if you have updated
  12. Ye just set them to max. Think i could get them better. Need a new PSU first Just installed 11.5 and it will not go over 100FPS it seems like its capped!!!! Will do 100FPS on 900/1335 or 950/1400.Mmmmm something wrong.
  13. Just a quick run with two 6950s (Just a note these are running a std bios with just the unlocked shaders)
  14. Hello mate, I'm in the UK you want a 6950? i can get one shipped to you no probs at all. send me a mail and will sort it. I have just ordered two from dabs.com but can get a 3rd and send it over. Have to say that a sigle 6970 will struggle with that res. I have just sold a 5970 cos it didnt have the balls to run everything i wanted @ 5760x1080 I would and have gone for two 2gig 6950s flashed
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