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  1. I pay $62, upload is usually around 20 but its peek hour. what it usually is.
  2. i really doubt it was the over clock, what do you mean by "though i did no dmg" ?
  3. just got a gtx 970 g1 by gigabyte, upgraded from gtx 750 ti.
  4. i guess him and i got lucky with our chips haha
  5. Whats the main purpose of this chip ?
  6. How is that even possible ? wouldnt the chip instantly fry ? sometimes i get afraid to raise .025 haha
  7. ^ Very much, very lucky. 4.5GHz @ 1.25V's is average, getting 4.7GHz @ 1.20V's is pretty golden.That'll probably get you 5.0GHz or even 5.1GHz at 1.35V's under delidding and customer watercooling. If you can verify that, you could probably sell it for like $450 and just get an average one for $250, lol. That sounds temping... maybe ill spend some time this weekend trying to hit 5.0
  8. Just an update, after i hit 4.7 i haven't really played with it much more. it hits 70C @100% @ 1.2v
  9. i vote for the Corsair 300r, i was going to buy it for my build. but i was able to find a 450d for $5 more on sale
  10. I have a similar experience after i finished my build. when ever i turn on my pc from cold it will do a power cycle. ( turns on and some what powers down then back up) I tried multiple power supplies but they all did the same thing. i even swapped mobos but it was still there. I am able to pass every test and stressed test. So i learn to live with it, my pc just take a second longer to start plus i rarely turn off my pc.
  11. just sent my email, Good luck everyone and happy new years !
  12. i was able to do 4.7, going to try higher another day
  13. put the rig outside its -7c or 19F, lets see what this 4790k can do it idles around around 0c (32F).
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