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    Intel core 2 duo E8400 3.00 2gb ram ASUS P5QC mothermoard 500Gb HD ATI x1550
  1. R.O.GamerZ

    4 pin or 8 pin

    model:Thermaltake 750w W0116RU
  2. R.O.GamerZ

    4 pin or 8 pin

    on 4 pin i7 920 runs prefactly?
  3. Hi guys, i have a question. My post to i7 920 Its 8-pin (cpu power) necessary for a i7-920 cpu? The situation : cpu : i7-920 mobo: asus p6t psu: thermaltake This psu has only 4 pin (cpu power) connector The motherboard has 8-pin Is it safe to have combination mentioned above and only 4-pin plugged to motherboard for powering cpu? Are there any limitations when i only have a 4-pin? How about OCing? What is the pwr consumption of i7-920? Can someone try runing on 4-pin instead of 8-pin? (im not responsible for any damaged hardware, personal injuries etc. )
  4. R.O.GamerZ


    How can i know that how many Watts that my PSU is giving which PSU is best thermaltake or corsiar
  5. R.O.GamerZ

    Place intel gulftown info here!

    yes i have some information about it Intel Core i9 EX its socket is LGA1366 32 nm Gulftown 6 cores 12 threads Frequency is 3333MHz L2 Cashe is 6 x 256KB L3 Cashe is 12MB Multiplyer is 25x i think its multiplyer can be unlockable BUS is 2 x 6.4 GT/s QPI Power 130 Watt TDP 3X DDR3 it comes in Q1 2010 Price is about $900 USD The board that support is has X58 Chipset that support 32nm processor ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo is ready for 32nm With 6cores Any one has more information about it then please post
  6. hi...... any one can tell me about ASUS P6T SE motherboard is this mobo is good,stable and Overclock easily
  7. R.O.GamerZ

    RAM Dual vs Tir

    corsiar dominatod 1600mhz tri channnel 3gb or corsiar dominatod 1600mhz dual channel 2gb which is better and what the difference between these
  8. Hi Whats the difference between DDR3 dual channel and Tri channel if i put DDR3 dual channel 1600 4Gg with i7 920, is its perfomance is less than DDR3 Tri channel 1600 3Gb
  9. R.O.GamerZ


    Thanks a lot this Mobo has any problem in its sound SUPREME FX and NB overheating i read the sound problem on NEWEGG.com 2 user post the same problem in sound
  10. R.O.GamerZ

    Calculate PSU

    i am looking followin 2 PSUs Coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 600W (RS-600-PCAR-E3) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SilverStone SST-ST65ZF 650W
  11. R.O.GamerZ


    Thanks tell me that when i run XMP profile the RAM will Auto go to 1600Mhz? The XMP profile run from bios or Windows?
  12. R.O.GamerZ


    Please tell me when you put 1600Mhz RAM it boot without any overclocking
  13. R.O.GamerZ


    no i have not because soon i have bought i7 with Gene and 1600 RAM please tell it can boot?
  14. R.O.GamerZ

    Calculate PSU

    Thanks ok i will buy Silverstone 650watt PSU why coolermaster 600watt PSU is not good as compared to other
  15. R.O.GamerZ


    can it boot when i put 1600 RAM or i firstly put 1333 RAM then OC it and then it support 1600 RAM please help