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    AMD 955 4000mhz WC
    Asus M4A79T Deluxe
    Crucial DDR3 BallistiX 1800MHz 2GB ( 7-7-7-20 1668mhz )
  1. My i7 920 running at 4200mhz watercooled is a about 20-35% faster in all of tests and programs than my AMD 1090T at 4325mhz . Even with my 3x5850 crossfire setup, same clockspeed , intels i7 is more than 35% better in all tests. Notice,, a run AMD 1090T with new stuff, asus formula mobo with fx chipset. ddr3 2000mhz. Am a little dissapointed with the 1090T , intels old 920i is still a lot faster. but overall,,, on air\water AMD 1090T OC much better than AMDs 955\965.
  2. Superpi 1mb 14.510s AMD 1090T 4813mhz on Aircooler and only 1 DDR3 Soon i go for 13s with 2 of DDR3
  3. My settings fsb 233-254 OK here we go... cpu : 1.48v- 1.53,1v max CPU\NB 1,28-1,31volt max HT 1,21-1,26V MAX NB 1,1- 1,16V MAX NB 1,8V STANDARD SB 1.12-1.16V MAX VDDA 2,5V VDDPCIE MAX 1,16V DRAM CTRL, 0.5V STD VOLT DRAM DATA, 0.5V STD VOLT DDR3 depends on settings but around 1.65-1,8v Memory config is very important and go offset on cpu and cpu/nb voltage Example 0.21v extra on cpu and 0.14v on cpu/nb.... offset on + Robban
  4. Yes of course, i give you all info\settings tomorrow after work. I try fsb 233 and 254 thats give me around +1866\2000mhz DDR3 both paste 4700mhz but 254 seem to work best. I Will overclock this weekend maby past 4800mhz
  5. To go 4400 stable around 22c is veeeery tricky, but with big watercoolingsystem, a really think it can work !! But a very important thing is to cool down the overvoltage Chipset. I use 3 fans, 1 fan for every chip othervise it crashes. The memory dont go so hot so i dont use a memcooler. And am soon at 4800mhz,,,when it get cooler outside
  6. I heard that if u use 2 or 4 monitors in Eyefinity , the sight of the weapon comes in middle of screen and go invisible ( in shooters like Couterstrike ) Google it
  7. Ati`s Eyefinity does not work with crossfire on 58xx\57xx You can by vga-adapters to fit your graphiccards hdmi,DVI,and displayport. (( Active displayportadapter to VGA )) I use eyefinity on a Ati 5850, 1gb. with 3x24" for my cubase. If u play games use a 5870 of faster
  8. Yes around 3,5-3,8ghz is the right way to go with low voltage
  9. Super Pi 32MB 15m 48,942s AMD 1090T, 4655mhz Aircooled, ThermalRight Ultra-120
  10. Sorry ! you go ddr3 1333 and about 1,56-1.6v. Corsair XMS 1333 is veeeeery nice for OC. With your nice Aircooler you might go game-ready 4300-4400mhz with 1,44-1,46v on cpu. and a lot of bios tweeking of course
  11. New Aircooled Super Pi 1MB World Record AMD 1090T with single channel memory 14.730s 4751mhz Soon 4800mhz on Air
  12. Around 3,5-3,8ghz strait on auto, and apply in bios manual ddr3 1600 with 1.64v.
  13. Outdoor -1c ! forgotten the cpuz mem But anyway Super Pi 1mb 14.780s AMD 1090T, 4714mhz Aircooled, and only 11-13 degrees celcius noload. And only 1 DDR3 Hyperx 2000 ( my old 460w PSU is on the edge, dont start anymore with 2xDDR3 ) Maby to much OC Am on to + 4800Mhz on Air with new 850W PSU, maby 5000mhz with -20 degrees in january\february Computer started at 19x254= 4826mhz but PSU shutdown after 2-3 seconds
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