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  1. First off, heres my system specs: Amd phenom II am2+ 940 3.0ghz. Corsair Hydro h50 w/ stock fan. Biostar 790gx a2+ Heres the problem, i must be doing this wrong but every time i try just a simple multiplier and voltage bump, i get the BSOD. (a side note: is AMD OverDrive good to use?) anyway my temps are great, at idle they are 24 degrees and load at 39. i tried to bump the multiplier up 2 values to take it to 3.2 ghz and vcore at 1.38 and it bsod. from what ive read, i should be able to take it to 3.4 on stock volts (i know,every chip is different) I know its not a temp. problem as i stated above. What else could it be? or am i doing it wrong
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    Hello Overclockers im new here but ive been snooping around here for months. I just recently got into overclocking but i need some help Ill post in the overclocking section thanks in advance
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