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  1. sry then wrong mobo it's a ud3 don't reamer the name then sry
  2. hey. i goth aloth off fans i my machine and i wish to softwear controll them. on by on. what is the best why to due this and where to connect them. i goth a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R and amd phenom 2 x4 955
  3. What kind of paint do they have in your country? It'll be time consuming but painting it won't be all that bad; all you really need to do is take apart the case and prep it for painting. That exact side panel window design might be hard to come by since its a custom made case by Cooler Master(AMD Limited Edition HAF 932). If you want the exact same look then you are better of buying one. Cooler Master AMD Limited Edition HAF 932 - http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?opti...7&Itemid=61 thank i forth that it was som thing that sombody hade paintet on him selv not a amd version thanks for that... i don't need to know that bad spelling *cry* thanks for the info
  4. thanks for the replaye just want to hear youre apinien not that it's a huge work i know
  5. thanks for the replaye.. just what due you thing about the pictheres i postet and due you like them
  6. hey im going to get my new haf 932 in this weak and was thinking about making som paint on it. and look what i found on google http://www.overclock.net/attachments/compu...ad-img_4111.jpg http://hardwareblog.dk/wp-content/gallery/...2_amd_ed_01.jpg http://www.overclock.net/attachments/case-...nt-img_4102.jpg what due you thing about it??? just goth another question.. if i wan't the left side off the case where can i bay souch one ??? and what will the prise be
  7. then find a cool case after youre mind with remove abel motherboard traye sry my english
  8. okay then just post what you like i that price range and il look
  9. hey witch case is the best for cooling in the price range 0$ to 200$ i want full tower remove able motherboard tray may an pre install water cooling system not nieces tight sry mey english
  10. hey I'm quiet new to this case muddling I just got this fans 2x Arctic Cooling Arctic Fan 8 PWM 1x Arctic Cooling AF12025 PWM and I've got them running but are roar a little so I want to set the speed down... how can I attach the weirs.. at the moment I got all fan attach to the sys fan 1... but what is the right way to attach them??? I got this 4 pin wire that gives another one to attach in here is a pitcher http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=Pq1JaYh9 but something is wrong there black and yellow cable is there only the fellow one.. the black isn't there. how can I attach the fan so I can controlee them sry my English here is some more pitchers were you can see the mothered board and the cable the yellow one http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aV1otje9 http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aV1otvHS sry i can't find a pincher off motherboard
  11. why i like it.. but will it bee good to make a side fan
  12. okay let me start a new question this case http://www.apevia.com/ProductsInfo.asp?KEY=X-CRUISER-BL with 2x80mm front 1x80mm top 1x120mm back 1x120mm ore 250mm side intake ore out take don't now will it be a good set up or Shell i just leave the side???
  13. this is they waye they are turning the hold http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=TssT2D9 http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=TssTa6A http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=TssThB0 they are turning the air in right
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