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    AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE (3.7Ghz)
    Asus Crosshair III Formula AM3
    Corsair 4gb DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz CL9
    Western Digital Caviar Black 750Gb 7200rpm 32Mb Cache
    Supreme FX X-Fi Crystaliser - Creative Soundblaster SC
    Xfx Radeon HD 4890 XXX (Factory Overclocked 900Mhz) 1Gb
  1. I believe the solution was to set ACC to auto and enable the unleashing mode. Unfortunately my cpu seems to be one of the cpu's that was originally a quad core, where one of the cores went bad and AMD simply repackaged it as a x3. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Just went back to ACC and realised there is no ENABLE option There is just : DISABLED AUTO ALL CORES PER-CORE Any ideas?
  3. I am posting regarding unlocking the 4th core in the AMD X3 720 black edition cpu. I have switched ACC to auto but it hasn't seemed to have done anything. Has anybody any idea as to how this may be possible? I have an ASUS Crosshair III Formula mobo.
  4. I've tried the rig in a few different outlets around my house and i've also used different socket boards, to no avail. It isn't a squealing whining noise, I get that with most graphics cards I use, it's a distinct electronic buzzing. It happens during both the game menu and the game itself, basically whenever there is any 3D that is putting the card under load.
  5. Yes everything seems to be working OK other than that. I want to avoid RMA'ing the card if possible, as I have had to RMA parts of this rig already and this is the first time it has booted up in 2 months without any problems, until now, of course.
  6. I just installed the HD4890 into my current rig and am having awful issues with it. 1. This is probably the most worrying issue, I am getting a serious electrical buzzing noise whenever the card is slightly under load, like when playing HAWX. It's a very loud noise and sounds pretty serious. 2. There is a different noise I also get, of a higher frequency and pitch but similar to the other noise, I get this one when I scroll web pages fast, haven't really noticed it anywhere else yet and I have heard that it is a common and unavoidable issue. The main issue I am worrying about is the loud electrical buzz from point 1. It is very worrying and I would love if anyone here had a solution. Thanks.
  7. Cheers thanks nice suggestions, ill take a look at the reviews for these babys. I've been trawling through reviews for about 2 weeks now while my ugly stock cooler sits on my beautiful asus mobo . That silent knight 2 looks great...
  8. Sometimes I marvel at just how plain stupid the majority of players who play this game are. So I have decided to start a thread for players to post their most hilarious encounters with idiots in World of Warcraft. Unfortunately when my last PC decided it was well past it's sell-by date, I lost all of my screenshots of these occasions, which truly do make this game bearable, especially during the never-ending barrens and STV grinds. So i'll post a few here that I can recall from memory, to start us off. This is one I remember from the TBC days, I nearly /facepalmed to the back of my skull /2 [Player X] LF DEMO LOCK MECHA HC [Verzerak] to [Player X] Invite Player X has invited you to join a group. /p [Verzerak] Hey everyboday. /p [Player X] spec???? /p [Verzerak] Demo You have been removed from the group. I can't remember much more now... I'm sure when i'm less bolloxed and tired i'll remember a few more. But until then i'd love to see all your experiences with Wowtards
  9. World Of Lolcraft Class: Warlock Spec: Destruction PvE Name: Verzerak Realm: Ravenholdt RPPVP Oh god... The regret of rolling a character on this realm... Everytime I see people RP'ing I want to vomit... 'Lok'Thar!' 'Hail to the Sin'dorei!' I usually just step in and try to push a convincing and solid argument about how WTFLOLWUTCOPTER should be a recognised greeting in Undead Lore.
  10. I'm looking for peoples opinions and advice on a heatsink and fan to replace my stock AMD one (read my signature). I currently have Phenom II x3 720 BE and am looking to do a nice soft overclock on it somewhere in the region of 3.5 - 3.6 Ghz. I've been looking at reviews of CPU coolers for a while now but I just can't choose, so i'll let other people do it for me. Would like the CPU cooler to look good aswell as this is as much a project for vanity and sweet looks as it is for OC'ing. Cooler MUST fit inside Antec 900 case, and i understand this can be a bit of a tight squeeze, especially with some of the more interesting (and good) coolers like the CoolerMaster V8 (rats). So eh... Thanks in advance for saving my sanity.
  11. Probably would buy the 5870 if I hadn't just recently purchased the 4890. Anybody else think the new card looks like it's wrapped in suede? I don't like the way the PCB is covered in the suspicious suede material. Think i'll buy the 5890x2 when it is released though... Gonna have to upgrade to Windows 7 aswell. Gah. So long XP, it's been good.
  12. Oh you should definitely come to Ireland... We have lots of 10ft drops that the tourism board plug as terrifying cliffs. And an unpredictable, usually rainy and dull, climate. Nah but seriously it's a great place, you should really come check it out! And thanks and another hello to everyone else!
  13. I own this mouse and it's fabulous for both gaming and graphical needs. It's actually brilliant. Seriously. Go for it.
  14. Greetings from Ireland, people. Not much to say really. If there is an age limit on this forum, i'm 37 and I have a family which I will occasionally post about in the General Forum. If not, i'm 16 and bored. Hoping to enjoy my time here, Chrusty.
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