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    AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition
    CORSAIR TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF
    HIS HD 4870 ICEQ 4 1GB 256 Bit DDR5
    Aero Cool 600 Watt
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    Samsung SyncMaster 733NW (Going to 22" ^^)
    HAF932 with SunBeam Modding Kit
  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/253873-3...d-manual-adjust check it ^^
  2. nope haha uhm i found article that we can't change the fan speed of the non reference card @[email protected] is that right? if yes ,, then how can i change the fan speed? any trick?
  3. what driver? nvidia? the newest 191.07_desktop_winxp_32bit_english_whql with PhysX_9.09.0814_SystemSoftware i try on win xp since my friend told me it can't run on win 7
  4. and,, the result can't hahahahahha okay the question now can i RMA the VGA just because of this kind of problem? cause when i playing games,, my PC get HANG,, and i'm sure it's because of Overheating,, =) thx
  5. done, yet i still can see the fan tab,, you can see the image on my first post
  6. i know there's an option to change the fan speed the problem here,, i can't click those option even the option showed in front of my eye,, it's grey,, unclickable,,
  7. still can't,, is there any chance that the Fan Defect? so it can't be detected,, meanwhile it still spinning,, can i RMA the VGA just because of this reason? ' if the fan really defect '
  8. i already try on nTune and rivatunner and still can't do the change,, on nTune i can't even clikc the fan option it showing grey and also in riva tunner,, i think it must be shown like this but on mine,, it showed like this,, and then i confuse,, where is the fan tab --a please help me thanks oh yeah i'm using ASUS 8800 GT Laciator 512mb 256bit (G92) GDDR3 on this case
  9. what i know are Memory used depend from the monitor,, but this one worked by the ATI not the Nvidia right? Graphics Clock , Processor Clock , Memory Clock this one for gaming performance itself so these are worked by ATI Card too,, the rest is cuda cores,, which used for phsyx ,, is my assumption correct? cmiiw
  10. yep but there's no more 8800 GT in my country hahaha so i'll buy 9800 GT instead anyway,, just compare the cuda cores right? the Graphics Clock , Processor Clock , Memory Clock , Memory doesn't matter ? the diference in these specification won't matter? thx before,, sorry for the late reply i was busy
  11. uhm,, for today's game,, how much cuda cores do we need,, i mean 9800 GT is good enough to handle the phsyx from nowadays games? and maybe strong enough even for the future games since all of the cuda cores in the nvidia card,, fully focused used only for the phsyx itself ? =)
  12. according to your opinion even when we do ATI+Nvidia for Phsyx the phsyx itself still measured from the cuda cores? =)
  13. How can we measure the Phsyx Performance in NVIDIA Card? what should we look up ? the amount of the cuda core? the VGA RAM? the Graphics Clock? the Processor Clock which one that influence the phsyx performance? and if we do ATI + Nvidia for Phsyx like SuperEmostastix posted sticky above from where the Phsyx will counted? still from the Nvidia one? or taken from the ATI as well? please give me the detail as well,, and thank for answering,,
  14. so the conclusion is the GPU the primary bound (for mostly games ) and only some games that use cpu as the primary bound instead of the gpu (like UT3)?
  15. according to my experience,, when i using both monitor slot the temp goes higher @[email protected],, so i wonder if i put one on ati and one in nvidia,, will their temp be on standart value,, anyway where's ur 4890? why you using your 4870x2 again? hehe
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