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    Mobo:M5A99FX PRO R2.0
    Processor: AMD FX 8320 @ 4.3GHZ On water
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    Videocard: XFX 4850 1GB
    OS SSD :Crucial BX100 500GB
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    PSU:EVGA P2 Supernova 1000W
    GPU(s):Crossfire Gigabyte 380s
    Case: Crazy Modded Apple G5 Powermac Case
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    Mouse: Razer Salmosa W/ eXactMat (Speed side)

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  1. So recently I thought it was about time to do another case mode/build. Years ago I did the "G5" Tundra case mod https://forums.overclockersclub.com/topic/203713-apple-g5-powermac-to-atx-case-mod-finally-finished/ and after a deployment and seeing something funky growing in my coolant loop I felt like it was time to build from the ground up a new case and computer so just like last time here are the goals! The case will be based on a Alienware Area 51 7500 because of its sleek almost organic look and to bring something old back to new again so the plan is (This is a list to also help me keep on track for the ideas) Build: Integrate the newer Aurora ALX Top Vents into the case and control with an Arduino Cut side window and etch the acrylic to a hexagonal pattern Paint Case with automotive urethane based chameleon paint (see below) Cut and replace standard Alienware Front Case logo with 3d Printed Halo "Legendary" Symbol 2 separate Cooling Loops Purple and Blue Powder Coat case frame in ILLUSION BLUE (see below) Cut holes for modern cable management Fill and blend top case door to cover gap in front I/O and USB Ports Airbrush silver vents with burnt amber to simulate "weathering" LED Sequencer for internal Blue, UV Purple "Breathing" effect. LED Sequencer for top vent green lights Sleeve PSU & Cables according to color scheme Install aftermarket HDD Cage Gut ENTIRE case of ODD and HDD Cages & Reinforce case structure Hidden power switch on the back to keep clean look (Or make the "Legendary" Logo a capacitive button) Hardline all coolant lines w/ visually hidden reservoirs Thin Gold Hexagon pattern throughout the paint on the exterior of the case (Possibly thin vinyl then clear coat over it) Print & Cut more OCC decals because I gotta rep the forum when people see these beasts (Subject to change based on availability, list will grow longer as progress continues) Internal Parts: MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON AM4 Here are the pics for reference: Alienware Area51 7500 Case Inspiration Unfortunately I cannot claim credit for the graphics but this was my original inspiration to do this mod. Colors being acquired: (Illusion blue for case frame)
  2. I shipped my box out. Sorry for being so late. I had a funeral I had to do honors at and just got back. Going to the land of maple leaves, hockey and syrup! CANADA!
  3. Tunggle is pretty simple and its more game oriented than Hamachi. Plus is has specific sections of games. Kinda like Xfire and Hamachi mixed
  4. Got some decals made by a friend of mine using the old G5 logo and vinyl wrapped the internal stuff and a shroud to hide some unsightly cables Also swapped the coolant from Mayhems X1 Blue To White and deleted the reservoir since the flow from the pump was sending bubbles through the res and back into the pump so I put a T-Fitting in there and hid it out of sight with a old fashioned tubing reservoir
  5. Thanks OCC! I had no idea what I won and then realized I needed it after all! Going to run a LAN connection to my buddys barracks room so we can split the bill on internet!
  6. Since I am donating my Gigabyte board and waiting on AM4 I need a board I can throw in my builds for my photo shoots and videos of the cases I build. Any Micro ATX or ATX board with a black PCB is fine as long as all the slots work.
  7. Welcome to OCC! Dog pics, you offered!
  8. Honestly they are all good stuff and you stand nothing to loose. Either way it can all be useful. 3 years ago I got a Coolink 120MM Fan. Moved, Joined the navy. My parents moved and I found it and put it to use. Still to this day. Another year I got a 25 Gram tube of MX-3 Paste and that lasted me YEARS of constantly reapplying paste to laptops, GPUs, CPUs the works. Either way, I'm grateful for anything I get. I like it so much I donated a practically brand new motherboard. I have a full watercooled rig and its a pretty nice setup. I get a heatsink? Cool! I get to review a new product, maybe modd the hell out of it or put it to use in one of my modded rigs so I don't have to move my setup into it to take photos and do a video.
  9. More progress, its coming slowly because of another case mod I am doing, but so far! I fit a MASSIVE 54MM Thick 360 Rad from Koolance and a Alpha Cool XP3 Lite Block all ran on 1/2 Tubing. I need to add a reservoir and mount the pump on the back (Koolance PMP-420, LOUD asf) So far the plan is: Rad -> CPU -> NorthBridge -> Motherboard Mosfets -> GPU1 -> GPU2 -> Rear Mounted Reservoir -> Rear Mounted Pump -> Rad Return
  10. Is that powder or paint? Looks amazing either way! Love the Gulf colors, especially on the GT40!
  11. So after building my first full case mod. I've got a modding bug going on. I was searching for a case that was organic and smooth in shape. Originally I was going to use a Silverstone Raven RV01 but those cases are supremely expensive and hard to come by now. So I decided on a case mod Classic. The Alienware Predator 2 case. I figured since the top and front are very smooth (Similar to a Ghosts) I can pull it off. So here are the goals of the cases build. I will end up doing a whole video of my current G5 case and a step by step on how I built the Alienware as well. Covenant Case list (Subject to change) -Alienware Active vent system ontop controlled by an Arduino -Full LED control system (Also Controlled by Arduino) -Purple Crinckle-style powder coat for the chassis -Various holes cut for cable management -Color urethane painted front bezel (and painted active vent, shifting colors blue-purple) -Steel weathered side vents -Legendary Halo Emblem 3D printed to replace the Alienware Front Logo -Attached to a frosted acrylic back (Backlit by Blue breathing effect LEDS as a power indicator) -Hole cut in the outer edge pattern of the Emblem -Custom Acrylic side window (CNC'd in the pattern close to the plasma sword) -Custom sleeved Purple, Black, Grey and Grey-blue -Covenant font writing decal -Chameleon paint Motherboard heat sinks LED setup -UV Underglow -Green Power & Vent -Blue internal LED
  12. I am having trouble finding this info. But what is the difference between XAVC S HD vs AVCHD?
  13. No problem. OCC is like family to me. Why not give back?
  14. Hey everybody, Recently I acquired a Koolance 30FPI 54MM thick 360 radiator for my build in my sig. But I am having trouble finding a good quality set of fans that arent insanely expensive like Noctua IPPO 3000s. I would like to do a push-pull setup on the radiator and am asking as to what you guys reccomend. I currently have Servo Gentle Typhoons (1850RPM) fans on my Coolermaster Seidon 240
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