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  1. Actually, there is a blue light in the bottom heh. Its just not that bright. And the way I have my comp facing I never see the power LED hehe. But I think I might do that anyway. I have 4 case fans in there but I could definetly use a better heatsink. I was thinking about getting a volcano 12, anyone know how good they work? I heard they are very heavy and can like get ripped of the mobo and fall. Here is how I have my comp facing, lots of emphasis on the inside lol.
  2. I took your guys advice. This look any better?
  3. Hows this looking? Still needs some rounded IDE cables. I spray painted everything inside, that came out pretty good. I was going to get the nylon type sleeving but I ended up getting the plastic kind from the Wal-Mart auto department lol. $2.88 for the sleeving and $.90 for a can of spray paint. Can you think of anything else I can do to it? I was planning on getting some blue led fans... I think I'm going to stick with the ALL blue them.
  4. I kinda wanted it to look good What is "unsoldering" and how do I do it? I doubt I will ever re-use this psu so I doubt I will ever need them.
  5. I'm about to sleeve my psu and there are two or three uneeded cables that I want to remove. What I want to know is a safe method to do so.
  6. Ok.. After messing with it more, different combo's with different set-ups, I've come to the conclusion that it has something to do with read buffering. I can get it burning for about 5 seconds.. it looks like it would keep going but the buffer reading jumps i.e. 20%-40%-60%-80%-100% and then THATS when it freezes up. CD drives are very foreign to me and I dont know much about them.. Maybe I accidently put it to a setting that does this? Can I disable the buffering? Also, something very strange happened.. On one of my MANY attempts (we're talking, 30's) I tried to burn 2 songs, I didnt change any settings.. and it worked, I took it out to my car and played it in the cd player just to make sure, it worked.. I was happy, but after that I tried it again and it FROZE!! Man, I was angry. This leads me even more to beleive that its something I am doing wrong and not the burner. I'm really getting desperate, I've taken the thing apart and blowed in it like an old nintendo game!
  7. I downloaded 3DMark03, I dont remember it it was from this site, but After it finished downloading it wasnt an exe installer.. it was a winamp file. When I do properties of the file it says its a InstallShield ® Setup Launcher but if I click it, it tries to play in winamp, heh. It even takes the winamp icon. I just thought of something while I was writing this, I changed the file setting from winamp to JUST mp3 and it still tries to open winamp. I've never had this problem with any file before...
  8. Yea, I could pretty much figure that out I geuss what I was really asking was could that have anything to do with, maybe sending info to the 2 drives while burning? Even though I have the rw set as the burner in the burning software...
  9. Well, After uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck, I finally took the thing out and tried it in another comp... Same thing in that one. So, I'm thinking that its done. I was looking at the back of it and just out of curiosity, What does the jumper for Master and Slave on the back of the drive do? I've never messed with it before... If I was to open the thing up is there anything that I should be looking for? I've never really messed with cd drives before. Like I said before, It reads cd's, and *sometimes* it starts to burn but never passed 6%, after that it just spins and spins until I have to restart my comp -Thanks
  10. Athlon 2700 1 gig ram 9800 pro WD 120 gig HD burner is 52x but I also have a regular DVD Drive. I actually took it out of my old comp.. and it worked fine
  11. I have a cdrw and I've been trying to burn a cd and it freezes at 6% everytime. I also tried burning knoppix iso. After about 10 minutes of it doing "something" it finally spit the cd out and said that something was wrong. I've tried using Nero and Alchohol 120%. I unplugged the IDE and power cord to try to reset or something... no luck. I'm kind of puzzled because if the drive was broken it wouldnt reconize cd's or start it to the 6%. Anyone know whats going on?
  12. On the team page it shows that I have 2 WU's. I read that a script checks the WU's a few times a day and an option shows up in your sig page. Well, its been probably about 36 hours or so and no option. Its no big deal really but I'm just wondering...
  13. Oh, I see.. Great - Thanks
  14. Sugarmaster

    Hey Guys

    Hello everyone, I have been reading the forums for awhile now and just got around to making an account. I also want to see if the [email protected] Pic is in the sig. -Thanks EDIT: How do you add [email protected] Pic into your sig?
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