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  1. if someone gave me one then yes, i would use it as a coffee table.
  2. screenshot was taken 6.9.2009 at 3:01pm your welcome
  3. such a noob move putting it in the wrong section
  4. they like my 7600gt. i get a lot pf ppd with it.
  5. its actually a 45 year old man posing as a girl.
  6. if you write like this you need a girlfriend.
  7. jesus, what do you need 12 gigs of ram for?
  8. i almost went to it. now i wish i would have. could have gotten some free bawls.
  9. dang yesterday was my birthday i wish i would have found this then. oh well.
  10. iphones are cool, you just can't drop them.
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