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  1. These threads usually only bring out two groups: the bronies and the trolls. Brohoof anyways.
  2. Speaking of crysis problems, I keep getting static in the audio. Anybody else having this issue? Framerate is fine, etc... just the sound.
  3. Bad Company 2 ARMA 2 L4D2
  4. Not always true, my BIOS displays 40C when HWMonitor shows that it's lower.
  5. I reset the BIOS, ran a windows memory test (Don't have a flash drive to put memtest on, but i suppose they probably use most of the same code anyways), everything came out fine. I want to avoid a reformat for as long as possible, as reformatting would (apparently) violate the TOS I have between the school and microsoft. I suppose if this continues I could do a repair, but that's worst case scenario.
  6. You don't need a GTX 470 for CS5, all you have to do is edit a text file to make a card work with the GPU accelerated features. I personally use a GTX 260 with it, but even a GT240 would work fine. Any CUDA Supported card (given that it's not extremely low-end) should work with CS5. Rendering however, is still done on the CPU. Then again, if you're editing something like RED or 2K footage, go for the 470.
  7. The BSOD said something about a critical data structure or something of that sort has been modified. Another one said something about "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT". I'm starting to think it's a combo between RAM and Mobo problems. Gonna try resetting the BIOS, Not sure if i had it OC'd or not.
  8. Hey guys, i've been inactive for a while, but recently i've gotten back on because i've been having problems. Just a couple months ago (Read: Christmas) I got a new hard drive and reformatted to Win 7 Professional (Legit) 64-Bit. Now fast-forward about two months, and i've been getting bluescreens recently. Not only that, but while gaming or even browsing the net, my mouse and keyboard will both randomly lock up, but then return to normal. Does anybody else besides me think this could be a motherboard issue? (Brand and model is in Signature, By the way.)
  9. Who needs heat when you can shut your door and play crysis?
  10. When I reformatted my laptop, I didn't (and still don't) have an antivirus program on it. That said, there's almost no need for one if you know if you stay on websites you know are good. But +1 to Avast, I can't even tell it's running besides the infamous, "Virus database has been updated." I've had more false positives with it than other programs though.
  11. Well if you're looking for a HSF that will keep everything cool, check this one out: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118046 I've had it for a while, and it keeps my Athlon II X2 at room temperature, even when overclocked to 3.5GHz. That said, it might be a bit overkill, but I got it from a friend. Plus, it's on sale right now.
  12. Well, some games are limited by the game engine they're built on. If you're only getting 100fps in an old game such as Call Of Duty 2, the game engine might have a limiter on it. Also it's spelled performance. Sorry, it's just one of those things i have to point out.
  13. Well I suppose unless you prove it's a fault of the cooler / pump, they won't replace it. See what the temps are with the stock cooler first. If they're lower, then it's either a TIM problem or it's the pump. EDIT: wow ninja'd to oblivion
  14. Only bottleneck I see is your dual core. That's the first thing you want to upgrade, but it can be the most expensive too if you bought a low-end motherboard that doesn't support the newer quad cores. If you're just starting to overclock, you can pick up a cheaper HSF from Cooler master like the Hyper 212 and lower the temps better than the stock cooler on your OC. EDIT: Also, what game are you getting this 23fps from?
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