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  1. I just got an Asus 9600XT. I tried it with Call Of Duty, Americas Army and Planet Side with the grafics turned all the way up...WOW! No pauses, jerky spots or lag. If you are looking for a great mid price range card this card performs up to all the hype.
  2. Get an Antec True Power 480. Stable power, very QUIET and it comes with fan only plugs that control case fan speeds.
  3. If you are running an Nforce2 board subtract about 12 degrees C from your readings. GA-7N400PRO2 2500 Barton Aero 7+ cooler 10 multi/220 fsb 2-512 Cricial Micron (dual Channel
  4. Just remember giga hertz doesn't realy matter it's the fsb that means speed If you can't beat a p4 2.8 with an oc'd xp2500 shoot yourself GA-7N400PRO2 2500 Barton 2- 512 sticks of Crucial pc3200 (dual channel) Aero 7+ cooler 10 multi / 220 fsb 2203 MHZ
  5. Try setting your multiplier to 10 and cas 3. Your problem might be your ram. good ram is very important. I run a 2500 Barton on a Gigabyte GA-7NPRO2 board with 2 512 meg sticks of Crucial (micron) at 10/220. it booted at 200 fsb the first time I've had it up to 230 fsb.
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