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    Motherboard: Intel DG41RQ
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.6GHz
    RAM: Transcend 4GB (2 + 2, DDR2, 800MHz)
    Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB
    Optical Drive: LG DVD Multi Recorder (reads/writes DVD/CDs)
    Power Supply: Zebronics Economy Series (400W)
    Tower: Zebronics Calyx
  1. Update guys I've FINALLY bought my card http://www.sparkle.com.tw/product_detail.a...&sub_id=323 This card didn't need an additional power supply. As for the PSU, I got sick of listening to every dealer here that mine would work fine, and I thought "what the hell, I'll try it and get a better one if I face problems". Besides, There are only 2 kinds of PSUs available here: the "regular" and the "server" PSU, which costs high. I seriously wish I could do something about it, probably place a direct order from the nearest company outlet, but it still costs more than I can afford right now. I've installed the card and everything seems to be working fine. I could play NFS Most Wanted at 800x600 with max settings at around 70FPS without a hitch. PS: Again, I really appreciate the help you gave me here everyone
  2. OK, thanks a lot *goes out to explore OCC fir the first time*
  3. Thanks IVIYTH0S, that seems to be the most suitable course of action Budget is the problem here. I didn't anticipate the PSU problem and I'm already short of the extra money. Thanks, that was very informative I DID come across one of those sites in my research though And I don't think power distribution is much of a problem in my current setup, thanks for mentioning So I've been thinking. This might be a bit off-topic, but do you guys see any bottlenecks with the 9800GT on my system? Here's a recap: After adding the 9800GT 512MB, is there any bottleneck?
  4. They range from Rs.7250 to above Rs.8000. Well, I'm being redundant now, but NONE of the stores even mentioned them, they're offering local brands. It's sad, really (Not that local makes are that bad. I mean loads of people use those PSUs, I think). Yeah, I was kinda surprised when I saw the 12V rail supplied only 15A. I needed to know that for sure, thanks
  5. Galaxy Low Power is Rs.6100 Palit card is Rs.5600 Unfortunately, those brands are quite costly here, around or greater than Rs.2500... And I've found a really interesting article. It describes how to use another PSU. It describes the process for a PSU with the 20-pin ATX connector. Simple short pins 14 and 15 and use it. What do you think? My old PC had a Frontech 300W PSU. If you guys think it's safe, I'll probably use it. But then, I have to plug the additional PSU to another power socket, and I have to figure out where to place it so my card can reach it. Anyway, what do you think?
  6. Say I'm biased, but I'll stick with nVidia So here's the update. I found out that Palit and Galaxy are good companies, so I can get their cards. I've decided to skip on 1GB, I think 512MB is quite sufficient for my needs. Now, among the cards available in the market, I've narrowed down to two cards: - Galaxy 9800GT 512MB Low Power - Palit 9800GT 512MB Now I have to decide b/w 2 things. If Galaxy's Low Power card works fine with my PSU, well and good. If not, I will have to upgrade the PSU anyway. Or, I could go for the Palit card (which is cheaper) and get myself a new PSU to go with it. I've tried to find reviews on Palit's card. I've found reviews for the Sonic version (overclocked), but I couldn't find any for the normal one. If anyone could point me to some reviews, I'd be grateful
  7. That narrows things down a lot. Thank you Also, I've noticed Palit and Galaxy are listed in NVidia's Board Partners list. Does that count for something? I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions >.<
  8. Heh, thought so. 512MB it is, but if the difference isn't too much, I might still go for 1GB. Now I won't regret not buying a 1GB card. 22 inches widescreen. OK. Now what about the brands? You know, Palit, MSI, Zotac, Galaxy, XFX... They all offer warranty (of varying periods maybe). Should I go for a specific brand or is it not really important? What do I need to look out for? As I understand, I should be wary of warranty. And what else? No, it doesn't. I'm guessing that's the 6-pin power connector?
  9. Since I've never had a good card before, I always play at 640x480 to get the smoothest gameplay possible (please don't laugh ._.). I doubt I'll go above 1024x768. I might get a large LCD monitor in about a year, so... Right now, I have a 17 inch CRT. Speaking of the memory's use, I heard AA benefits from larger memory? Because I can sacrifice resolution but I always apply AA when I can without compromising on gameplay. EDIT: Oh, I forgot, all of them offer warranty...
  10. @PingoPongo: Thanks So I'm taking 400W should be sufficient, great! I'm also prepared in case there are any problems. I wil switch to a better PSU. @N.E.A: Thanks for the suggestion But I'm partial towards nVidia, so I'll stick with it. Anyway, just about 5 minutes from reading PingoPongo's first reply, I went to the market. I asked around in a few shops and I got the general idea of the prices. One disappointing thing was that the 8800 are no longer available. I asked for 9600GT and 9800GT, 512MB and 1GB. Based on different marketers (Palit, Sparkle, Galaxy, Zotac, MSI, XFX), the prices vary, but here is the gist of it: 9600GT (512MB): Rs.4600 - Rs.4850 (1GB) : Rs.5400 - Rs.5900 9800GT (512MB): Rs.5600 - Rs.6700 (1GB) : Rs.6500 - Rs.6900 XFX cards seem to be the costliest and Palit cards seem to be the cheapest. I mean, a 9800GT for 5600!? Anyway, as I mentioned, these are the brands I came across: Palit, Sparkle, Galaxy, Zotac, MSI, XFX Should I be avoiding any of them? Also, there is a new question for me: the card memory. Is going for 1GB worth it, or will 512MB do fine? PS: Before I forget, one of the first things I'll try is the PS2 Emulator PCSX2. I'm a DBZ fanatic and my brother has the DBZ Budokai game with him. I don't have a PS2, and I'm dying to play it full-scale on my PC. I don't need the highest of configurations, I just want to run it in fullscreen without lag, as long as it's playable. And here follows some (off-topic?) nonsense...
  11. Alright... so I'm assuming 400W is sufficient?
  12. RESOLVED! I got the following card and am currently very happy with it http://www.sparkle.com.tw/product_detail.a...&sub_id=323 Thanks for all the help everyone PS: How do I edit the title? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone I've been lurking here occasionally and I often almost registered, but refrained for some reason. Well, this time I'm in need of help and this is the first place on the web I could think of. I recently upgraded my computer. I got a new CPU assembled with the following specs: Motherboard: Intel DG41RQ Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 (2.66GHz) RAM: Transcend 4GB (2+2, DDR2, 800MHz) HDD: Seagate 500GB PSU: Zebronics Economy Series (400W) Tower: Zebronics Calyx I want to get a graphics card, but I'm a bit tight on the budget. I'm considering 3 GeForce cards. I'll list them in the preferred order: 9600, 8800, 9800. The problem is, I am from Hyderabad, India, and I haven't found a reliable place online to find the prices. As far as I know, 9600GT costs Rs.5300. First off, I need some website where I can find out the prices of the cards in Hyderabad (India). In 9800 and 8800 are out of bounds, I'll go for 9600GT. Now considering the above options, there is one problem, it's my PSU. I (very regrettably) didn't pay attention to the PSU I was given with my tower. Here are the specs as far as I can discern: +3.3V - 25A +5V - 38A +12V - 15A -5V - 0.3A -12V - 0.8A +5VSB - 2A I read somewhere that a 9600GT needs a 6-pin PCIe connector with 28A on the +12V line. Is that right? I doubt I even have a 6-pin PCIe connector, whatever that is. I have the ones with 4 pins which I connected to my optical drive (are those called molex pins?). That's about it. I'm very concerned about the PSU. It would be a disaster if it doesn't support any on those 3 graphics cards. I appreciate any advice
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