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    Asus P6T Deluxe V2
    Core i7 920 D0
    Prolimatech Megahalems push/pull setup
    Corsairs XMS3 - 6Gb
    WD Caviar Black 500Gb
    Zotac 260 GTX 2
    Antec EarthWars 650W
    CoolerMaster 690 Japanese Edition
  1. Nice :thumbs-up: You've used Asus turboV right? Is that good? I mean, does it works well? Just curious. I used to go through the BIOS on my old faithful E6600 before I changed to my, still virgin , i7. Oh, and about the motherboard, I didn't mean it wasn't good or anything like that (never owned that board, so I wouldn't know). Just asked cause most crazy "enthusiasts" go for SLI or Crossfire capable boards. Cheers
  2. hi, Well nice system, but, why did u buy a micro-atx board if u have a big case like that?! Anyway, I wont say anything about your oc because i dont have experience doing that on my i7 (never needed, hehe). But, I must say I'm kind of lost with your case cooling configuration, man. Is your corsair's radiator fan blowing in? Your rear fans are also intakes? front/side/back intakes and only exhaust is your top fan? Looks kind of crazy, or maybe I'm being thick here , I mean, looks like that from your pic with the airflow arrows. Your core temps look OK though.
  3. If you can, go for the P6T Deluxe V2. You won't regret it
  4. Like the guys said, mushkin's are solid, and will probably work. But, I've just assembled one P6T deluxe v2, and had problems with a corsair xm3... Actually, the memory worked ok, but I couldn't use it in the way I wanted: 3 dimms, 1 per channel. According to the manual (they were on the list), this particular corsairs were ok, but did not accepted that configuration. In other words, I could have 2 dimms of that specific label ( Tr3x3....something like that), but not 3! <_< I've tested and yeah, 2dimms were there (BIOS) but the third wasn't recognized! Gave them back, and changed for other corsairs, which were on the list and worked on that, very obvious, configuration. So, give it a try. Its the only way to be sure. Good luck!
  5. I've just changed my motherboard and CPU, drastically, and my OEM Windows Vista Ultimate accepted without any problems. Didn't even had to put in the installation disk. Just re-entered my original key on "system information" window and it is the same as always. (had to install all the new drivers, but no problems there either). In my case at least, OEM windows vista worked perfectly.
  6. OK, I've just sold my soul and bought a P6T Deluxe V2 + i7 920 + Corsair's XMS3! For now I will run my hideous Vista Ultimate 32bit, giving up the 64bit advantages until windows 7 does come out. (RC version download and keys were finished yesterday). Oh boy, I hope I can have a blast until the devil comes to collect! Thanks guys!
  7. Thanks guys! I am really curious about the i5! My indecision is mainly due to windows. Right now, with a Vista Ultimate 32bit, i cant really use the full potential of the i7 right (64bit architecture + DDR3 above 4gb)?! But buying a new vista 64bit when windows 7 is around the corner is crazy. Thanks for the ideas!
  8. oops, where are my manners?! I'm new here, but intent to stick around. I do live in crazy Japan right now, but I'm actually a Brazilian-born European descendant (as most Brazilians). Nice to meet you all!
  9. I have a sucker MOBO (ECS 945 M3 V3.0) and a Core 2 Duo E6600 (old faithful), 2gb of cheap DDR2, WD caviar blue 500gb, antec 650w (25A on the 12v rails), and a asus en8800 gts 320mb (running Vista Ultimate 32 bit, yep, no going further than 4gb). Now, I was thinking of an update, and I do have us$300,00 available, right now. First thing that came to mind was: hey, I want an i7! but, in japan's prices (I live in Japan by the way), that would mean something like us$600,00 (nice mobo+i7 920+ 4gb of ram,limited by windows vista 32bit). video card could be upgraded later (along with a psu probably). but then again: I could buy myself a ASRock p45x3 deluxe + some 4gb of Corsair DDR3 1600 and + some decent cooler by us$250,00 ; keeping everything else unchanged, but opening some nice headroom for oc'ing the reliable E6600. so, is it a bad move? spending money on a 775 based platform, at this point, is a dumb idea or what?
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