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    amd phenom X 4 9950 @ 3.0ghz
    ram 2 gb hyperx kingston 1066 gaming ram,
    sapphire ati radeon hd 4850 512mb @ 700mhz,
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    psu gigabyte superb 720watt 80+,
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  1. hey guys.. a few days ago i got my eee pc 1005p (1.66ghz, 1gb ram) running dual boot with ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition. everything run flawlessly except for eee control. so, i donload the eee control software, and install it just like in windows (double klick it and let the OS do the rest). but there are some problem... before proceed with my problem, just keep in mind that i'am noob to linux, know nothing about coding and programming langguage. here are my problems: 1-when i hover the mouse over the eee icon in the task bar, it say 'error while communicating with eee-control-daemon, make sure it is running'. 2- i can turn off the wireless adapter (fn + f2), but i cannot turn it on. i had to boot into windows and enable the wireless adpter from the Windows. i have tried almost every solution that i found on the internet, but it did not solve it. and i dont know either whether i have messed up with the 'system' because i just copied the coding that i found on the internet and pasted it into 'terminal'... basically i blindly follow the instruction that i found on the net. so, guys if u could help me solve these problem, i really appreciate it. :thx:
  2. nonetheless, amd beat intel in term of price per performance ratio, it always like that. if we look at the difference of price, and older tech (45nm) it should be by no means that amd 6core thuban perform in par with the i7 980X. may be amd is not on the top yet, but they are now at the right path to it.. amd successfully prove that you dont have to waste your money to get a powerful processor.
  3. basically i intend this thread as a continuation to my other thread that has been locked (amd six-core thuban vs i7 980X). i've never thought that thread got so many replies.. so,a three hundred dollars amd 6core proc perform in par (better than intel in some application though) with intel 1000 dollars i7 980x. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/turbo-boost-turbo-core-six-core,2690-8.html http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/turbo-boost-turbo-core-six-core,2690-7.html i dont know how i'm gonna explain how happy i'am.. amd beat intel with 45nm technology...older technology (than intel 980x---32nm),significantly cheaper, outstanding performance, in par with 1000 dollars intel i7980x. wow, look like amd has found its way to the top...i am now curious what can amd do with its 32/28 nm technolgy in the future ( when buldozzer come out).. i'm now laughing like a maniac....hahahahahahahahahhahahah :lol: nevertheless, when comes to power efficiency, intel still hold the crown... its just like nVidia fermi gtx 480 beat ati 5870 in term of performance, but ati hold the crown for power efficiency. any comments though?
  4. hello guys...i have an asus eeepc 1005P (netbook) with win 7 starter pre-installed, so is there any software to enable transparency (aero effect) for taskbar and start menu in win 7 starter? i have tried to use "aero enabler" as well as hacking the registry, the link is here-- http://www.blogsdna.com/1996/registry-hack-to-enable-aero-in-windows-7.htm, but it did not work. thanx in advance.
  5. i thnk i just stick with the USB drive for now albeit it little bit annoying. i'll wait for two or three months or so, then i'm gonna change the ram. anyhow guys, thanks for the opinion.
  6. so i can use the SD card as a dedicated ready boost device. would there be any performance difference between 2gb USB drive and 4gb SD card? i think it would consider buying it if 4gb SD card can perform in par or maybe better than 2gb USB drive. so that i can use the USB drive and the USB port for other things instead for ready boost function.
  7. i got a question regarding ready boost in win 7. Can i use flash card (SD card / MMC) as a dedicated ready boost device instead of using USB drive? so far as i understand, ready boost can only be used with USB drive, but it so annoying because i have to remove it whenever i want to keep the netbook in my bag. i recently bought an EEE PC 1005P with 1GB of ram, apparently it cannot run win 7 starter fast enough. I like a fast system but as of now i dont have enough money to buy 2gb or 4gb of netbook ram. So my solution is i want to use SD card because i can just keep it in the SD card slot. Right now i got my 2GB USB drive as a dedicated ready boost device. thanks in advance.
  8. http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=25560 ----AMD will release its first APU processor at the end of this year. i dont know whether this thread is at the right column since the APU proc is an GPU integrated proc. amd is going to release its first APU proc at the end of this years. that's sound interesting. the question remain, will it outperform intel i3 (with integrated graphic) or other equivalent intel proc at the same price tag. Nevertheless it is a good news for notebook user. i have watched the video (dont have the link though) on the net regarding performance of the APU proc. it showed that the APU proc can run alien v predator at decent frame rate. the question is at what res did it run, and at what quality, is it at low quality or medium or high? i dont have a chance yet to play the said game, so i dnt know much about the game. I just hope that, the APU proc will be able to run crysis at medium to high quality setting at 40 fps, at res 1920 x 1080. so guys, if u have anything to say about this APU proc, just share ur idea here.
  9. thnks dude. openCL option is ticked now in gpu-z. by the way is there any significance improvement in gaming? cz i use the card mainly for gaming.
  10. can someone help me on how to enable openCL on ati 4850? is there any driver or software need to be installed?
  11. yeah, we now that. but what about an overclock gtx 480 do againts an overclocked HD 5870 then? or may be with HD 5890? with new ati driver as well as overvoltage tool, may be it can beat up gtx 480...
  12. hey guys, i jz wondering how an overclocked ati 5870 perform againts an overclocked gtx 480? what we have in the review is an overclock gtx 480 v a default clock ati 5870, that's quite unfair, isn't it?
  13. sunan

    Far Cry 2

    after half-way playing through the game, i got bored, i donloaded a trainer, then within 5 hours i finished the game. hahah.. that what i always do with all the game i played except for Modern warfare 2 and battlefield 2:bad company.....and dirt 2. :lol: what is so dissapointed me in FC2 is the weapon, cannot be customized like crysis.. and no nano suit too.
  14. u can increase the fsb in "AI tuning" option, set it to manual, then go to "overclock option", increase the fsb step by step until it become unstable, here u have to option, either back down the fsb to a stable frequency, or u can increase the voltage to make it stable. if u hv phenom black edition with unlock multiplier, so far as my experince, u can bump to 3.1 by increasing mulptiplier to 15.5 at 1.4v. i can get as far as 3.15ghz (205 X 15.5) at 1.4v stable with everest stabilty test, but couldnt past intel burn test (got freeze screen). i can past intel burn test at 3.0ghz (200 X 15) at 1.4v, but due to in-game stability, i dnwclock to 2.9ghz (200 x 14.5) at 1.34v.
  15. if he intent to use his pc for server, intel xeion would be more approriate for that task. i think intel has release intel 32nm xeon six-core 5600 or something..
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